How To Cancel Trendy Butler? 2 Effective Ways!

cancel trendy butler

What if you have a personal stylist that gives you fashion advice that would perfectly work for you? Sounds tempting right? Trendy Butler keeps you up with the latest trends and selects clothing accordingly. But if you are already using the services of Trendy Butler and are not much satisfied with it then probably it’s time for you to cancel it and we will help you with that. 

Trendy Butler is a fashion subscription service, especially for men where the platform, after collaborating with some popular fashion brands, claims to provide you with clothing options that will make you look amazing and feel even better.

Canceling Trendy Butler is easy and this can be achieved by canceling the subscription from their official website or by sending an email to the company for the same. Keep reading to get the detailed steps for cancellation.

What Is Trendy Butler?

With the subscription service of Trendy Butler, men get a chance to wear clothing with the style meant for them. When you visit Trendy Butler for the first time, they present a  questionnaire where you have a number of options to choose your style from and tell them more about your choices and preferences. After going through your likings, their algorithm selects your box and sends it to your place. You can then enjoy your trendy fashion. 

How Can I Cancel Trendy Butler?

If Trendy Butler is not very effective to maintain your style or you need to cancel your subscription for some other reason then you can do so online from their official web page or through an email sent to them. 

Cancel Trendy Butler Online

1. You can start the cancellation procedure by signing in to your Trendy Butler account by providing the correct login credentials. 

2. Then, directly navigate to the Trendy Butler dashboard

3. Now hit the Profile icon present at the upper-right corner of the screen-page dashboard. 

4. There, you can go to the Subscriptions section and then select the Manage Your Subscription option. 

5. Click the Cancel Subscription button on the page and after that confirm the procedure. 

Cancel Trendy Butler Via Email

1. If the website option does not work for you, then cancellation can also be possible by sending an email to Trendy Butler. 

2. Open the in-built email application present in your device and then start composing an email

3. In the Subject Box of the email page, write down Request To Cancel Trendy Butler

4. Now give details of your subscription plan and also your account and other information that they may require to proceed with cancellation. 

5. When you are done, send the email to [email protected] and they will get back to you. 

Cancel Trendy Butler- FAQs

How Much Does Trendy Butler Cost?

Trendy Butler has a recurring subscription that can cost about $65 per month. They do not take any styling fee. You can easily purchase this subscription from the official website and get the best out of it. 

How Can I Contact Trendy Butler Customer Service?

If you have an issue with the items you got from Trendy Butler then you can contact them at [email protected]. For any other subscription-related queries and more, you can send an email to [email protected], and a representative of the company will get back to you and help you as required. 

Wrap Up

Trendy Butler may provide good fashion choices but if you are not a fan, no need to continue with your subscription plan. You can go through the steps for subscription cancellation as mentioned above and terminate your service. Still have some queries? No worries, Trendy Butler’s Customer Support team is there to help you as you need. 

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