How To Cancel A Walmart Grocery Order? Quick Cancellation!

Cancel A Walmart Grocery Order

You can shop for anything and everything in Walmart and they even allow customers to pick up their groceries for the month. But what to do if you no longer require an order you placed? No worries, we can help you cancel your Walmart grocery order by providing you with the correct required steps for the same. 

Walmart is a very popular chain of department stores, hypermarkets, grocery stores, etc in the States. People can shop for their favorite products and can even join Walmart+ for unlimited free deliveries of their orders. With Walmart, you can get all your groceries and other products at discounted prices. 

Customers can cancel their Walmart Grocery order online by logging in to their Walmart account and then canceling the order they placed from there. You can also edit your order but you will have to make sure that your order is not processed yet. 

How Do I Cancel My Walmart Grocery Order? Cancel From Website Or App

You can easily cancel your Walmart grocery order from the website or through the app itself. 

1. Go to the website or the app and log in to your Walmart account

2. From your account, go to the Purchase History option. 

3. Now select the Walmart Grocery order that you wish to cancel from your order options. 

4. Click on Request Cancellation if the option is available below your order. 

5. Confirm the procedure of cancellation and you are done. 

Edit Your Walmart Grocery Order

1. You can also edit your already placed Walmart order from your account. 

2. Log in to your Walmart account and then select Account

3. Now go to your Purchase History from the account and select the order you wish to edit. 

4. Select the Edit Items option and update the changes as you wish. 

5. Save the changes and confirm your order. 

What Happens If You Don’t Pick Up A Walmart Grocery Order? What If I Miss My Walmart Grocery Pickup Time?

It is easy to place, edit or cancel an order at Walmart but do you know what would happen if you forget to pick up your order or purposely didn’t pick it up? 

Well, Walmart will contact you, probably through email, and will provide you with an option to reschedule your pickup order. If you want, you can reschedule your order or if you purposely missed it then you can cancel your Walmart grocery order. But even for that, you will have to find out if your order is eligible to cancel. 

Walmart will hold your order for about 7 days after placing it and you will have that much time to pick up your order. However, if you fail to get your order, the items in your order would be restocked and you might be charged by them a restocking fee for your order. 

Cancel Walmart Grocery Order-FAQs

How Do I Cancel My Delayed Walmart Order?

Your Walmart order can be delayed if the items are no longer in stock or if it has been misplaced by them. The customers will receive a full refund for their delayed orders. Also, if you want to cancel a Walmart order that is delayed, you can log in to your account from the website or the app and then move to your purchase history. If the cancel order option is still available then you can cancel it or you can contact Customer Service. 

Will I Get A Refund If I Cancel My Walmart Order?

Yes, you will get a complete refund if you cancel your Walmart order. After you cancel an order on Walmart, it may take them about 10 business days to process your refund request. The time of your refund will depend on the payment methods you used to place an order at Walmart. 

Can I Cancel My Walmart Pickup Order After Cutoff?

It is easy to cancel your Walmart pickup order but only if it is still not processed. If the order is already sent for processing then you won’t be able to cancel your Walmart order. You can then have the option to refuse to get your order or just return it. Do check your account if your order is still allowed to cancel. 

How Can I Contact Walmart Customer Support?

If you have any queries related to the working of Walmart or doubts regarding your order pickup or deliveries then you can contact their Customer Support department. You can talk to an agent or representative by calling them at 1-800-925-6278. You can also send an email to Walmart by visiting their Contact Us page. Select your queries from the related options available and interact with their representatives accordingly. 

Wrap Up

Walmart is a great destination to get all your household products easily and also at discounted prices. However, if you no longer wish to continue an order you placed then you can easily cancel it online by visiting their website or by logging in to your account from the app. Follow the detailed steps discussed above to cancel or edit your Walmart order. Contact their Customer Support department for your more related queries. You can also cancel your Walgreens pickup order and Tesco delivery saver.

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