How To Cancel Tesco Delivery Saver? 4 Simple Steps To Cancel!

how to cancel tesco delivery saver

Are you using Tesco Delivery Saver serviced for your daily groceries and other stuff? If you do get your things delivered by Tesco but now no longer want to continue using their services then don’t worry, we can help you cancel Tesco Delivery Saver. 

Tesco is a retail company in England that deals in groceries and general merchandise. A Tesco Delivery Saver will help you save on your grocery delivery charges. This delivery service is subscription-based and you will have reduced costs for your delivery charges. 

If you don’t want to continue with the services then you can cancel Tesco Delivery Saver anytime from the official website. You can easily cancel your service renewal by visiting the My Plan page on the website and this will terminate your service plan. 

How Much Is Tesco Delivery Saver?

Tesco Delivery Saver has 6-month plans and 12-month plans to choose from. 

Tesco Delivery Saver 6-month Plans

Delivery Saver Plans Charges
Anytime Click+Collect£2.49/month £14.94 upfront
Off Peak Delivery£4.99/month£29.94 upfront
Anytime Delivery£7.99/month£47.94 upfront

The Anytime Click+ Collect plan costs £2.49 for a month and £14.94 if you pay upfront. You will get an anytime pickup and order accessibility with Same-day Click+Collect and Access priority-collection. The Off-Peak Delivery plan will charge you £4.99/month and about £29.94 if you pay upfront.

With the benefits of Click+, you also get Next-day home deliveries and Delivery included after 3 pm. The Anytime Delivery plan will be available for £7.99/month and £47.94 if paid upfront. With other benefits, you also receive Same-day home deliveries and Access priority collection. 

Tesco Delivery Saver 12-month Plans

Delivery Saver Plans Charges
Off Peak Delivery£3.99/month £47.88 upfront
Anytime Delivery£6.99/month£83.88 upfront

The Off Peak Delivery plan will cost you £3.99/month or about £47.88 if paid upfront. The plan benefits include Pick up orders anytime, Delivery included after 3 pm, Same-day Click+Collect, and also Next-day home deliveries.

The Anytime Delivery plan will charge you £6.99/month or £83.88 upfront. The benefits include Same-day home deliveries, Same-day Click+Collect, Access priority-collection and delivery, and also Pick up orders anytime. 

Can You Cancel Tesco Delivery Saver?

Yes, you can cancel Tesco Delivery Saver by following the easy steps mentioned below. You will be required to go to the official page of Tesco and will be able to cancel the service there from your Plan page.

How Do I Cancel Tesco Delivery Saver?

The users can easily cancel their Delivery Saver plan within 14 days of initiating a service plan or its renewal. You will also receive a refund from them if you haven’t yet placed an order from there. You are allowed to turn off your plan’s auto-renewal. 

1. Visit the official website and sign in to your account. 

2. Go to the My Plan page of Tesco Delivery Saver and navigate to the Your renewal section. 

3. You can now click on Cancel renewal and follow the cancellation steps as prompted. 

4. Save your changes and confirm your cancellation procedure of Tesco Delivery Saver. 

These steps will help you cancel your Tesco Delivery Saver and you won’t receive the delivery services provided by them anymore. 

How Do I Cancel My Tesco Delivery Order? Can I Change My Tesco Delivery Saver Plan?

You can cancel your Tesco Delivery order from the website by signing in to your account and then clicking on My orders. Then navigate to the Orders due for delivery option on the screen page. You will see all your orders enlisted on that page and can now select the order you wish to cancel. Now hit the Cancel this order option on the page and then click Yes to confirm your cancellation procedure. 

Yes, you can both cancel your Tesco Delivery Saver plan and make changes to it online. However, you must make sure that you notify Tesco regarding your changes after about 14 days of your initial payment or soon before your delivery renewal date. 

Cancel Tesco Delivery Saver- FAQs

Can You Cancel A Tesco Delivery Slot?

Yes, you can cancel a Tesco Delivery slot easily from the website by visiting the My Orders page. There, you can select the order delivery slot you wish to cancel and then confirm the procedure for the same. 

When Can I Cancel Tesco Delivery?

If you have placed a Tesco delivery order then you will be allowed to cancel it within 15 minutes time of its placement. You can cancel the order from the Your Order section of the page and then save the procedure. 

How To Contact Tesco Delivery Customer Service?

If you have any queries related to your delivery service or more then you can get in touch with the representatives of their Customer Support department. Visit the Tesco Contact Us page and you can get your related query solutions from there. You will also get the related Contact numbers from the same page. 

How Do I Cancel My Tesco Grocery Delivery?

To cancel your Tesco Grocery Delivery, sign in to your account and then move to the Orders due for delivery section. You can look for your order there and when you find the order, choose Cancel this order and then confirm the procedure by clicking on Yes.

Wrap Up

Tesco can help you get your groceries and other stuff at home with their delivery services and the Delivery Saver even help you save in delivery charges.

However, if you used the services but don’t plan on continuing then you can cancel your service by following the detailed cancellation steps discussed above. Also, contact the Customer Service department of Tesco for your more related queries. You can also cancel your Walmart Grocery Order.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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