How To Cancel Walgreens Pickup Order? Did You Try This Way?

Cancel Walgreens Pickup Order

At the time when the war was actually to get out of your homes in those serious situations, home deliveries saved the days for almost everyone. Walgreens was one such option that delivered you your required products and is continuing even now.

Walgreens has a great number of Pharmacy stores linked to it where they provide medication with or without prescription, self-care and beauty products, and much more. With Walgreens, you can easily order your desired products through the stores or by following the online method and getting them delivered to your home. 

If you wish to cancel a pickup order from Walgreens that you already purchased, then you do that by following any of the two methods. If you ordered an In-Store delivery then you can call the store to cancel your order and if you ordered a pickup online then you can continue with the website to start your cancellation procedure for the same. 

What Is Walgreens? What Can You Order From Walgreens?

Walgreens is one of the largest operated pharmacy store chains in the States. The customers can choose products and medications related to their prescriptions and other health and wellness products. Operating as a Drugstore chain in the US, Walgreens sells prescription and non-prescription drugs with the sale of other health and wellness products, household stuff, personal care, and beauty care products and you can also search for some holiday candies.

Apart from medication and other products, the company also provides infusion therapy services and clinical services to its customers. You can visit the store to get your medication or go to their website to choose and purchase the products you require. 

Can You Cancel A Walgreens Pickup Order?

Yes, the customers can of course cancel their Walgreens Pickup Orders no matter what platform they choose to purchase the product. There can be numerous reasons to cancel an already purchased order and even Walgreens understands this and probably thus allows their customers to cancel it.

The Walgreens Pickup Order cancellation process depends on how the customers placed the order as there are two ways to do so. 

1. You can either make an order from the store and then, can cancel their In-Store pickup orders by contacting the store to initiate your product cancellation process. 

Or you can

2. Make an online order and these orders are accepted for delivery by the mail and are later sent or shipped to the stores. You can cancel such orders online through their website by following the steps mentioned below. 

How Can I Cancel Walgreens Pickup Order?

As already discussed, there are two methods to order on Walgreens, and you can use the same to cancel too. 

Cancel In-Store Pickup Order

If you ordered an In-Store pickup, then you can easily cancel it through a phone call. You can cancel your In-Store pickup order via a call to the selected Walgreens store where you ordered. You can either call the store that the company chose to pick up their orders for cancelation or try calling 1-866-264-2101 to cancel your In-Store pickup order. 

Cancel Walgreens Online Order To Be Delivered By Mail Or Sent To Store

1. After ordering a product on Walgreens online, you receive a confirmation that your order has been placed. 

2. However, if you feel like you don’t really need to continue with the order or are having second thoughts about the same, then you can click on the Need To Cancel option. You can find the option towards the right side of your order. 

3. You must also remember that this link is only available for two hours and might expire after that. 

4. After you get to the link, click on the Cancel option. 

5. You might be asked again to continue the cancellation procedure, now, you must click on Cancel to confirm that you wish to cancel your purchase from the platform. 

6. You will see a pop-up option that will confirm that your pickup order cancellation is successful. 

7. Their team will refund you the amount you spent on the purchase and will even send a confirmation email for the same and about your order status. 

How To Delete Your Walgreens Account?

With a Walgreens account, you do get access to various discounted prices cash rewards, and other benefits like pickup services and contactless checkouts. However, if you feel that you no longer need to continue with Walgreens and it’s finally time to delete your account, then it is surely possible to contact Walgreens Customer Service via a phone call or email. 

1. Delete Walgreens Account By Calling Customer Service

You can delete your Walgreens Account by contacting their Customer Service through a phone call. You can easily reach out to them at 1-877-250-5823. When you get connected, you will talk to one of their representatives and then you can request them to cancel or delete your Walgreens account. You can also mention the reason behind this cancellation if you are asked about it. 

2. Delete Walgreens Account Via An Email To The Customer Service

If you prefer, you can also delete your Walgreens account by sending an email to customer service. 

>Open the default email app you use on your device. 

>Write an email to Customer Service of Walgreens where you state that you wish to delete your Walgreens account. 

>In the Subject box, you can type Request To Delete My Walgreens Account. 

>You should also add the desired information regarding your Walgreens account and other details they might require. 

>Send the email to [email protected] 

Why Did Walgreens Cancel My Order? Walgreens Order Delayed/Not Received

After going through various customer reviews, we found out that this rarely happens. It is a rare chance that your Walgreens order gets canceled or delayed but some of them did complain about it, so there are surely chances for that.

If Walgreens Canceled your order, then there is probably a chance that the products you ordered are not in stock and thus, they are unable to deliver them to you. Another issue can be that your order was not correctly placed. You can contact Walgreens Customer Service to know more about this and learn about your order from them. 

If you do not receive an order from Walgreens in their promised time or it is delayed then there might be a chance that your order is huge and still under process. Another reason can also be that it isn’t yet available to deliver. You can contact Customer Support at 1-866-264-2101 to learn more about your order and its status.  

Cancel Walgreens Pickup Order- FAQs

Does Walgreens Have Curbside Pickup?

Yes, Walgreens allows customers to get access to Curbside Pickup. With curbside pickup, you can order a product online and later pick it up from a nearby store. Customers must learn about these selected locations before ordering at Walgreens. 

What Happens If I Don’t Pickup My Walgreens Photo Order?

The local store where you placed the order keeps your order for about a time period of 195 days before they discard it. So, if you want to pick up your order, go to the store before this time period or you will lose your order. 

What Happens If I Don’t Pickup My Walgreens Prescription?

The customers get about a week’s time to pick up their Walgreens Prescription. If, within these 7 days, you are unable to pick up your Walgreens prescription, then the medication may get reshelved at the pharmacy. 

Will I Get A Refund If I Receive A Damaged Product From Walgreens?

If you receive a damaged product from Walgreen then you can ask for a refund to them by calling a agent at 866-264-2910. But before that, do make sure that returns and refunds are available at that moment or not. 

Wrap Up

Walgreens can help you get your desired products at home with just a click or a call to the store. From Pharmacy to Grocery, you can order anything you desire. Also, if you wish to cancel an order on Walgreens then it is also possible by contacting the store or through their website and you can go through the steps that we discussed above to cancel a Walgreens pickup order. 

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