How To Cancel Streak Subscription? Remove Streak From Gmail

How To Cancel Streak Subscription?

No more mess while canceling your Streak Subscription. Using Streak in Gmail must have been very helpful to you, but we agree that after the work is done, you gonna cancel Streak Subscription. Don’t Worry!! For this, here’s what you have to do. 

Streak provides you with the best and easy experience between CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) and inbox in your Gmail Account. It is developed by an American company named Streak. It also comes as an open-source Google Chrome extension which helps you in securing your Gmail Messages. 

You can cancel your Streak subscription directly from your Gmail Account by following these steps- Click on the Manage Billing & Teams option> Plan Section> Cancel Paid Plan link. Read the entire article for the detailed steps. 

Streak Subscription Pricing

You will get a Streak subscription in two plans- Monthly Subscription & Annual Subscription. Take a look at this table for a better understanding of Streak Subscription pricing. 

Streak Monthly Subscription Plans Streak Annually Subscription Plans
$19 Per Month (Solo Plan)$15 Per Year (Solo Plan)
$59 Per Month (Pro Plan)$49 Per Month (Pro Plan)
$89 Per Month (Pro+ Plan)$69 Per Month (Pro+ Plan)
$159 Per Month (Enterprise Plan)$129 Per Month (Enterprise Plan)

Firstly, you can also use the Streak in your Gmail Account for absolutely free. Yes, you can access Streak’s Free Version on your account. But, for its more benefits and offers, you can subscribe to its paid plan from any of the Subscription Plans (mentioned in the table) whether annually or monthly. Remember that, in their Annual Subscription plans, you will get 20% off on each plan. 

How To Cancel Streak Subscription?

You can cancel your Streak Subscription on your own directly from your Gmail Account. Follow these steps to cancel your Streak Subscription. 

  1. Go to your Gmail Account and tap on the Streak icon from the top
  1. From the bottom of the sidebar, click on the Manage Billing and Teams option
  1. Go to the Plan section and tap on the Cancel Paid Plan link
  1. You will then be required to give the answers to their two questions about why you are gonna cancel your plan. You can also share more reviews of Streak service with their team
  1. Confirm your cancelation, and after that, your Streak Paid Account is automatically downgraded to its free version. 
  1. Canceling your subscription does not delete any data from your Streak Account. You can still have access to your Pipelines & Boxes. 

How Do I Remove Streak From My Personal Email Before Logging Into The Streak?

You can also install the Streak extension in your browser. It means you can use that Streak Extension in all of your accounts that you are using in your browser. Before, getting started with your Streak, if you don’t want to use your Streak extension in a specific Gmail account, then you’ll have to click on the “Don’t show this again” link instead of “Continue” for that particular Gmail account. 

How To Remove Streak From Gmail For A Specific Inbox?

If you have logged into your Streak and gotten its access, then to cancel or remove the access of Streak for a specific Gmail Account or inbox, you can follow these steps. 

  1. Login to that Gmail Account from which you’ll have to remove the Streak
  1. Head towards the Permission Page on that account
  1. Locate the Streak from the list of Third-Party apps with account access and then tap on the Entry
  1. Click on Remove Access
  1. Refresh your Gmail Account

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Refund By Cancelling Streak Subscription?

When you take the Paid or Upgraded Subscription plan for your Streak Account, then your subscription period is auto-renew for each billing term until you cancel. Remember, after cancelation, Upgraded Fees are non-refundable. 

How To Contact Streak Customer Service?

For any general query or issue, you can contact their customer or Sales team by filling out this Contact Form. You can access their “Live Chat” option from the bottom right side of the Streak Website to get connected with their virtual team agent. 


If you want to get rid of the Streak Auto-Renewal system, then the best is to cancel your whole upgraded Streak Plan and downgraded it to its free version. You can also get amazing services in Streak Free Version. Then, if you think that you are wasting your time on its paid plan, then cancel your Streak subscription today with the steps mentioned above. You can also cancel your SuperHuman Subscription.

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