How To Cancel LeafFilter Contract? Must-Try Method!!

How To Cancel LeafFilter Contract?

There are many people who want to end their LeafFilter Contract after their work is over, but everyone is still confused about this, like how to cancel LeafFilter. Don’t worry!! If you are also one of them then here in this article you will get to know properly about the cancelation of LeafFilter. 

LeafFilter is a company that provides the services of maintenance of Gutter Systems. They not only focus on maintenance but also deals in the installation of the Gutter. To make your locality and environment clean and free from diseases, it’s very important you have a good drainage system. If you have taken the LeafFilter Contract, but now you want to cancel it, then here’s what you have to do. 

To cancel your LeafFilter Contract, you just need to take the help of their customer support service team by making a call to their service number and asking them to cancel your contract. 

Can You Cancel A LeafFilter Contract?

Yes, you can cancel your LeafFilter Contract at any time. But you’ll have to pay some amount of cancelation fee for canceling your contract. 

How To Cancel LeafFilter Contract?

  1. If for any reason, you don’t want to continue with the services of LeafFilter, then you can cancel your contract at any time. 
  1. To cancel your contract, you just need to make a call to the LeafFilter customer service team their phone number at 1-800-290-6106. You can call their team during their working hours, Monday-Thursday (8 am to pm), Friday (8 am to 5 pm), Saturday (8 m to 6 pm), and Sunday ( 2 pm to 8 pm). 
  1. After you get connected to their team member on a call, tell them to cancel your contract.
  1. They will then ask you some details related to your contract, and ask some questions about your verification. 
  1. After all these formalities, they will cancel your LeafFilter Contract. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Refund After Canceling LeafFilter Contract?

If you cancel your contract within its initial 60 days, then you will get a full refund from it. You can still cancel your contract after 60 days, but no refunds will be given to you. 

How To Contact LeafFilter Customer Service?

For any query, you can contact their customer service team on their phone number at  1-800-290-6106. For Service & Support, you can make a call at 1-800-749-4566

How Much LeafFilter Cost?

For LeafFilter installation, you’ll have to pay between $10 and $35 for per linear foot. It includes your labor, installation, and materials that are required for installation. In short, you don’t have to pay some extra charges for the materials. Everything is included in one price. 


If you don’t want to pay more for the Leaffilter, so you must have to cancel your LeafFilter Contract. We hope that after reading this article, you have no confusion left in your mind about cancelation. Make sure to read the terms & conditions of your LeafFilter Contract first, then go for the cancelation. For general queries, you can also contact their team during their working hours. 

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