How To Cancel SuperHuman Subscription?

How To Cancel SuperHuman

Are you a working professional who hardly gets time to reply to all the emails? So, to overcome this problem, we have an awesome app or website for it, which is called SuperHuman. It makes your Email work experience so easy and faster. If you are already using this and now want to cancel it, then in this article we highlight some effective ways to cancel SuperHuman. 

Well!! Sending and Replying to Emails is one of the most frustrating tasks that every corporate organization needs to do. Continuous working with Emails can also affect some other important tasks of employees. So, let the technology works for you with the popular productivity app called SuperHuman. It is an app that is designed for users to quickly read and respond to emails by using keyboard shortcuts. Not only working people but SuperHuman is also used by students also. 

The best way to cancel your SuperHuman Subscription is by contacting their customer support service team by sending them a well-composed cancelation email to SuperHuman Email Address. 

Can You Cancel Your SuperHuman Subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your SuperHuman Subscription at any time. Remember, that SuperHuman charges you on a Recurring basis (whether monthly or yearly). So, your subscription remains to continue and automatically renew after every new billing cycle, until you cancel it. 

How To Cancel SuperHuman Subscription?

  1. The first and only way to cancel your SuperHuman Subscription is by sending an email to their team and requesting them to cancel your subscription.
  1. Compose the email and in the subject field you need to include “SuperHuman Subscription Cancelation” 
  1. In the body of the email, properly clarify, “that you want to cancel your subscription” with a valid reason for cancelation. 
  1. Include all the necessary subscription details along with your personal contact details
  1. Send that composed email to SuperHuman Email Address at [email protected] 
  1. If you are having any issues with the charges made by Superhuman, you need to notify their team about it within 60 days of getting charged. 

How To Contact SuperHuman Customer Service?

The SuperHuman Customer Service team is always there for your help. If you are facing any problem regarding your cancelation or by using the service, then you can get in touch with their customer support team and get immediate help from them. 

Some of the possible ways to contact their team. 

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (510) 224-4623
  • In case of any kind of security vulnerability issue, email [email protected]  
  • You can also contact them from their Social Media Handles, Send a message to their team on their Twitter Handle. 
  • You can write to their team at their Mailing Address.

SuperHuman Mailing Address:

555 Mission Street #300

San Francisco, CA 94105

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Refund For Canceling SuperHuman Subscription?

You can cancel your SuperHuman Subscription at any time, but according to its terms & conditions, no refunds or pre-paid fees will be given. Once, you are charged for its subscription, you will not get back your money even if you cancel the subscription without using it. 

How Much Does SuperHuman Subscription Cost?

The SuperHuman Monthly Subscription price is $30 per month for adults and $10 per month for students. 

Does SuperHuman Have A Free Trial?

No, SuperHuman does not offer any free trial. You have to take its subscription to use its service. 

Is SuperHuman Better Than Gmail?

It is confirmed by most of the users, that SuperHuman is specially made to provide us a faster email experience. Yes, SuperHuman is 3 times faster than Gmail, which automatically clears that if you want a faster email experience, then SuperHuman is best for you. 

What Are The Possible Alternatives Of SuperHuman?

In place of SuperHuman, you can use other popular productivity apps which include the following- Gmail, Mailbird, Trello, Inbox Zero, Todoist, and Focus@Will. If you opt for Todoist or Trello App for making your work faster, and in the future, you want to cancel them too. Then, here is our quick guide on canceling Todoist and cancel Trello Gold 


With SuperHuman, dealing with Emails is becoming easier for you now. With its help, the whole team can now make their decisions faster and quicker. But, if you are no longer required to use its services anymore, then you can cancel it by just sending a simple email to their team. For more related information, you can contact their team and get answers to your questions. 

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