How To Cancel Stack TV Subscription?

Cancel Stack TV

Watching TV shows, movies and web series on OTT platforms surely keeps you entertained but also takes up a lot of time. So If you have subscribed to STACKTV and want to take a break, Let us help you with the process of canceling your subscription.

STACKTV is a very popular streaming platform in Canada. It is available on platforms like Amazon Prime, Rogers, and FuboTV. The reason for being so popular is that it is the only channel in Canada that offers 16 top-tier broadcast networks live and On Demand.

We know you are here because you do not want to continue your subscription. You can cancel your STACKTV subscription directly through the platform from which you purchased the subscription. 

How To Cancel STACKTV with Amazon Prime Online?

To Cancel Your subscription with STACKTV if you have subscribed through Amazon Prime, visit the website then login to your account and follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the membership and subscriptions page
  2. Locate the subscription, you would like to cancel
  3. Select Manage subscriptions
  4. Under advance controls there is a link, Click on that
  5. You will be redirected to the main subscription page 
  6. From there you can cancel your subscription.

You can continue to access it until the renewal date which will be the end of your subscription 

and you are free to cancel your subscription anytime without having to pay any early termination charges.

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How To Cancel STACKTV With Fubotv?

If you have purchased your STACKTV subscription through Fubotv, you can cancel it easily and effortlessly by following some simple steps

  1. Take your TV remote.
  2. Press the star button
  3. In the menu open the desired channel
  4. Select Manage subscription
  5. Select cancel subscription

A message will appear on the screen that will inform you for how long you can still continue accessing your subscription.

How To Cancel STACKTV with Rogers?

How To Cancel STACKTV with Rogers?

In order to cancel your STACKTV subscription with Rogers, you can directly call their customer service representative at 1 877 457-7592 to provide assistance with the cancellation process.

You need to speak with them to resolve your issue, and they will inform you of all the details related to your account changes and the end date of your subscription.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How To Cancel Stack TV Free Trial Canada?

Stack TV provides a free trial to their new customers, after post free trial you will be charged for the subscription. You can cancel the free trial anytime online on their website.

How to Cancel Subscriptions on Amazon Prime Video?

Go to the account settings select the Prime video-only subscription and then select End subscription.  


Stack TV has a show for everyone in your family, you can stream anything you want anytime with broadcast networks live or On Demand. You can cancel your subscription with StackTV anytime with the help of the steps mentioned in this article.

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