How To Cancel Cohesive AI Subscription In 6 Simple Steps?

How To Cancel Cohesive AI Subscription In 6 Simple Steps?

It’s been a long you have used the Cohesive Platform because you don’t need it anymore. So, make sure that you cancel Cohesive AI Subscription smoothly with the method we are going to discuss. 

You can now generate amazing content with Cohesive AI, just by simply writing a few lines about it. It provides you with some templates- Scripts for YouTube videos, Full blog Generator, Instagram Caption, Content Rephrase, and more. 

You can cancel your Cohesive AI Subscription by sending an Email to their customer service team at [email protected]

Do you want to know how you can create a perfect cancelation Email? If Yes, then you must read this entire article. 

Cohesive AI Subscription Pricing

There are three plans for the Cohesive AI Platform. The first one is its Basic or Free Plan, which is free forever, but with only limited features. 

The second Cohesive Subscription plan is the Creator Plan, especially for Solopreneurs and Freelancers. Costs around $25 per month (Billed Monthly) and $15 per month (Billed Annually). 

The third Cohesive Subscription plan is the Agency Plan, especially for Pro Creators and Growing Teams. Costs around $45 per month (Billed Monthly) and $30 per month (Billed Annually). 

How To Cancel Cohesive AI Subscription?

How To Cancel Cohesive AI Subscription In 6 Simple Steps- How To Cancel Cohesive AI Subscription?
  1. The only effective way to cancel the Cohesive Subscription is by sending a cancelation Email to their team. 
  1. It’s important that you compose a proper Email for that
  1. Make sure to include “Request to Cancel the Cohesive Subscription” in the Subject Field. 
  1. Include all the information about your subscription in the body of the Email
  1. Make your intention clear that you want your subscription to be canceled. 
  1. When it’s done, send that composed Email to [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Cohesive Refund?

Once a payment is made for the subscription, then no refunds will be issued, even after cancelation. 

Is Free?

Yes, a Basic Free Plan is available for the Cohesive Platform. You can access the service of this platform for free. 

Is Canceling Your Cohesive Subscription, Delete Your Account?

No, if you cancel your Cohesive subscription, your account will be upgraded to its free version. After cancelation, you can use your account for free. 

How To Contact Cohesive Support Team?

If you have any queries related to Cohesive services, then you get Cohesive Support via [email protected] 
If you have any doubts regarding Cohesive Terms & Conditions, then contact [email protected]


The process of canceling the Cohesive Subscription is quite simple. Just a simple cancelation Email and your subscription will be canceled. We hope this article proves to be helpful to you. Share your comments with us. You can also cancel your Humata AI Subscription.

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