How To Cancel Frndly TV Subscription? Easy Steps To Cancel!!

How To Cancel Frndly TV Subscription? Easy Steps To Cancel!!

You must have subscribed to Frndly TV to watch the most popular TV channels. But now you are bored with it and want to cancel Frndly TV subscription, so that you can explore other streaming services. 

Frndly TV is the best subscription service for television lovers. You can watch up to 40 TV Channels on its subscription at an affordable price. You can start using its services on a 7-day free trial. 

You can cancel your Frndly TV Subscription by going to their official website and from the Frndly TV Settings category. Cancelation via Amazon and Roku is also possible. 

Can You Cancel Frndly TV Anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your Frndly TV anytime. If you are on its trial period and don’t want to continue with its paid subscription, then make sure you cancel your plan before the trial period ends otherwise you will be charged for the subscription amount. 

How To Cancel Frndly TV Subscription?

Your cancelation method or steps for the Frndly TV Subscription depends upon your billing. The cancelation steps are different for the type of billing done for your Frndly TV Subscription. 

Billing Via Credit or Debit Card & PayPal

  1. Go to the Frndly TV Website
  2. Login to your Account
  3. Navigate to the Frndly TV Settings 
  4. Click on the Cancel Subscription button
  5. Follow the displayed instructions for complete cancelation. 

Billing Via Roku

  1. Visit Roku Subscriptions 
  2. Login to the Account
  3. Select Frndly TV Subscription
  4. Click on Manage Subscription
  5. Then, tap on Turn-Off Auto Renew and Save the Changes. 

Billing Via Amazon

  1. Go to the Amazon Subscriptions and Sign in to the Account
  2. Go to Manage Frndly TV Subscription
  3. Disable the Auto Renew option by following the on-screen instructions

Note: You will get an immediate cancelation message in your Email. If you do not get that email, it means that your cancelation request is not completed yet. In that case, contact the Frndly TV customer service team. 

How To Cancel Frndly TV Via Email?

You can also contact the Frndly TV Support Team by submitting an Email to them on their preferred Email Address. 

Send a cancelation Email to their team at [email protected] and request them to cancel the subscription. 

How To Cancel Frndly TV Subscription Via Live Chat?

As you go to the Frndly TV Help Center Page, you will find a Live Chat icon at the right bottom corner of the screen. Click on it and you will be connected with their virtual agent. 

Start the Chat by entering your Email and Concern (Cancel Subscription) and their virtual agent will then guide you to cancel the Frndly TV Subscription or cancel on your behalf.

How Can You Downgrade Your Frndly TV Subscription?

Follow these below-mentioned steps to downgrade or Change your Plan for Frndly TV. 

Through Frndly Account

  1. Login to your Frndly TV Account
  2. Select the Subscription Plan of your choice. 

Through Roku

  1. From the Roku device, open the Frndly TV App
  2. Navigate to the Settings
  3. Click on the Change Plan option
  4. Select the Plan of your choice

Through Amazon

In case of making changes to your subscription plan via Amazon (either upgrade or downgrade), a new subscription plan is purchased and you need to remove the old one. 

  1. Open the Frndly TV App on the Amazon Fire Device
  2. Navigate to the Settings
  3. Click on the Change Plan option
  4. Select the Plan of your choice

Follow these steps to remove the old subscription from Amazon

  1. Navigate to your Amazon Subscriptions
  2. Choose the Subscription to cancel and follow the instructions

Your downgrade will take effect on your new billing period, till then you can enjoy the benefits of the current subscription plan. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Frndly TV Offer A Free Trial?

Yes, you can get a 7-day free trial before getting a Frndly TV Subscription. 

How Much Does Frndly TV Subscription Cost?

Frndly TV Basic Plan ($7.99 per month), Classic Plan ($9.99 per month), and Premium Plan ($11.99 per month). 

How To Contact Frndly TV Customer Service?

For this, send an Email to [email protected] or tap on the Live Chat option from the bottom of the Frndly TV Help Center page.  


Frndly TV is the most affordable live-streaming TV and is the best source of entertainment for middle-class people. But, if you don’t want to continue with your subscription, then follow the above-mentioned steps for cancelation. You can also cancel the DirecTV Stream Subscription.

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