How To Cancel Humata AI Subscription? Try These 2 Fixes

How To Cancel Humata AI Subscription? Try These 2 Fixes

Well!! If you are in search of a better alternative for ChatGpt, then the Humata AI Platform is suggested by everyone. Have you heard about this platform? Don’t Worry!! We will make you familiar with it.

Humata is called “ChatGPT for all your files” because it works exactly like ChatGPT. But, you can upload your PDF files on that platform and it can evaluate all the content and topics from your file and generate a quality report for you quickly based on that file. 

You can cancel your Humata AI Subscription by getting in touch with their customer support service team. 

How To Use Humata AI? Humata Pricing

Here’s how you can use the Humata AI Platform- 

  • Your PDF file will start to process. Wait for sometime
  • It will then generate a report of your file
  • You can also ask questions about the file 
  • This AI tool will then give answers to your questions based on your file. 

Is Humata AI Free To Use? 

How To Cancel Humata AI Subscription? Try These 2 Fixes- Is Humata AI Free To Use? 

You can use the Humata AI services for free. But, you can get only limited services on its free version. The maximum document size for the free version is limited to 60 pages for a variety of different PDFs. 

Take a look at this table to learn about the Humata AI Subscription plans-

Humata Subscription PlanMonthly Cost 
Student$1.99 per month
Expert$9.99 per month 
Team $99 per user per month 
Enterprise Contact For the Price

How To Cancel Humata AI Subscription Via Email?

There is no actual way mentioned to cancel the Humata AI Subscription. So, we go through Humata’s Terms of Use Page and we find out the Contact section, where we get some methods to contact their team. 

One of the ways to contact their service team is via Email. You can submit your cancelation request by sending an Email to their team at [email protected] 

As soon as your Email is sent, they will reply to your Email and maybe help you in canceling your subscription. 

How To Cancel Humata AI Subscription In Writing?

You can also send your cancelation request to their team in writing at the following address. 

Tilda Technologies Inc.

8911 North Capital of Texas Hwy, Suite 4200-069

Austin, TX 78759

United States

Humata AI Alternative

If you have canceled your Humata AI Subscription, here are the best alternatives that you can try. 

Exactly like Humata, PDFPal can also assist you with your PDF files. You can upload the PDF files to this platform and ask questions to this tool about your file and get immediate responses with them. 


Tactic is a very powerful AI tool that allows users to generate insightful data from their generative AI sights. 

You can also use this platform for importing presentations, notes, and many more things. 


SpinDoc is a Chatbot tool that can extract information from difficult and lengthy technical files. 

It saves time by providing you with the best answers from that technical file by resolving that file into a simple report. 


This AI tool is really helpful for business. Works the same as Chatbot. You can ask any of the questions related to your business on this platform. This tool will give you automated results. 


Do you want security for your documents? If yes, then ChatMyFiles is the best platform for that. 

With this tool, you can manage all of your documents in a secure way. You can make changes to your files without even worrying about their privacy. 

How To Contact Humata AI Customer Service?

If you need assistance from the Humata AI team, then you can contact them at [email protected] or in writing at Tilda Technologies Inc. 8911 North Capital of Texas Hwy, Suite 4200-069 Austin, TX 78759 United States. 

You can also send a message to their service team on Twitter. 


You all must have used ChatGpt in your life and we know that it served you really well. But, if you cancel your ChatGPT Subscription and want to use other platforms. Then, you can go for the Humata AI Platform.

And later on, if you want to cancel your Humata Subscription too, then you can try out these methods to cancel. We hope that they will be helpful to you. 

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