How To Cancel RCN Service? Learn The Easy Hacks!

how to cancel RCN service

Are you no longer satisfied with the internet service plans provided by RCN or found another better and more beneficial option? Whatever your reason is, if you are planning to terminate the services provided by RCN then we can help you with that by providing you with easy and effective steps. 

RCN is an internet service provider that claims to provide high-speed internet at affordable rates. It also serves customers with broadband internet, television, and phone services. However, the services provided by RCN are not available in every region, only at selected places. 

If you don’t want to continue using the services provided by RCN then cancellation is easy where all you need to do is dial their Customer Service number and request the agents for your service cancellation

RCN Service Plans And Charges

RCN provides several internet service plans and the users can choose the one that fits them well. The charges of the plans may vary according to region however there is not much difference. 

Service PlansCharges
RCN 25$19.99
RCN 100$29.99-$34.99
RCN 250$29.99-$49.99
RCN 500$44.99-$49.99
RCN 940$49.99-$59.99

There are several plans to choose from. The RCN 25 plan can be purchased for $19.99 and provides an internet speed of about 25 Mbps. With RCN 100, the users can receive an internet speed of 100 Mbps and will be charged about $29.99-$34.99 for that. The RCN 250 plan is available for $29.99-$49.99 and provides you with an internet speed of 250 Mbps

The RCN 500 plan can be purchased for $44.99-$49.99 and the plan provides the users with an internet speed of up to 500 Mbps. With the RCN 940 plan, the users get an internet speed of about 940 Mbps and this is available for $49.99-$59.99. However, these service plans that claim to provide high-speed internet sometimes lower their value when the internet speed you receive is not as expected. There are numerous other internet service options and if you are not getting the value you wanted then you can cancel the service easily and will have to return all the equipment you possess. 

How Can I Cancel My RCN Service?

You can easily cancel your RCN service by contacting their Customer Support department for the same. 

1. Dial their Customer Help number 1 (800) 746-4726 and you will be connected to one of their representatives. 

2. Tell them that you wish to cancel your RCN service

3. You will be asked the reason for your cancellation so already keep a good reason prepared. Moving to another place can be a good option. 

4. Give them your details, account number, and what else they require to cancel the service. 

5. Request them to send you a confirmation email when cancellation is done. 

Cancel RCN Service-FAQs

Can I Cancel My RCN Service Online?

No, the users are unable to cancel their RCN service online. For the moment, only their Customer Service can help them with the cancellation. The users can dial the Customer Care number of RCN and request to cancel their service. 

Do I Have To Pay A Cancellation Fee For RCN? RCN Cancellation Fee

For many of the service providers, the customers get into a contract to keep the service and if they try to cancel the services before the commitment period is over then they have to pay an early termination fee for the same. But with RCN, you do not have any commitments. Thus, you won’t be charged an early termination fee

Does RCN Price Increase After 12 Months?

Yes, RCN prices do increase after 12 months of its initiation. They provide you with several options that you can go through and select your first-year charges. The change in the monthly price takes place after 12 months. However, the charges rise to an extent and there is no contract that would bind you to those charges. 

How Can I Contact RCN Customer Service?

If you have any queries related to the internet service provided by RCN or have any other issue then their Customer Care department is always available to help you. You can dial their Customer Service number (800) 746-4726 or (866) 832-4726 and talk to a representative about your issues. You can also Chat with their Support department by visiting their Live Chat section and writing down your queries. Visit the RCN or Astound Contact Us Page for more. 

Wrap Up

RCN is one of the numerous available internet service providers where you can get access to high-speed internet at the prices that you can afford. But if you tried using RCN services and are not satisfied then you can cancel the service by following the service cancellation steps we discussed above in detail. If your queries persist, get in touch with their Customer Service department and they will help you accordingly. You can also cancel your Cox internet and Google Fiber.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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