How To Cancel Google Fiber? 2 Easy Ways!

Cancel Google Fiber

With several internet providers in the market, Google too jumped in for the services and surely you must have opted for it. But did it work for you? Or did you find a better option to switch to? Whatever your reason is if you are planning to terminate the services then we can help you cancel your Google Fiber. 

Google has brought its high-speed internet service provider Google Fiber which is made available for selected areas of the United States. There are several plans to choose from and you can select the data plan that works best for you. 

If you are determined to terminate the services then you can cancel your Google Fiber online from your Google Fiber account. You can also cancel your services by contacting Google Fiber Customer Support

How Do I Cancel Google Fiber? Cancel Google Fiber Account

You can cancel your Google Fiber online or by contacting Customer Support. 

Cancel Google Fiber Online

1. To cancel the service online, you will be required to visit Google Fiber official website. 

2. Provide your credentials and Sign in to your Google Fiber account. 

3. Navigate to your Account section and then click on Manage Profile

4. From your Profile Page, you can now click on Cancel Fiber Service

5. Follow the steps as prompted and then Continue to cancel your services. 

Cancel Google Fiber Via Customer Support

1. You can also cancel the services by contacting Customer Support

2. Visit Google Fiber Support to interact with the representatives. 

3. Now tap on the Chat Online option to talk to them through message. 

4. Provide your name and email and then from the box below, select Move or Cancel Service

5. You can now give the description of your query and then click on the Start Chat button below. 

6. Follow the steps as mentioned by them and you are done. 

How Do I Manage My Google Fiber Account?

If you want to do some editing with your Google Fiber services then you can easily manage your Google Fiber account. 

1. With your Username and Password, Sign in to your Google Fiber account. 

2. From your Google Accounts page, choose your Google Fiber plan and then you will see the option to manage your service plan. 

3. There, you can find out various management and editing options. You can manage your Internet and Wi-Fi network and even change or manage your personal information. 

You can also choose your language, change the name and passwords of your Wi-Fi service and also manage the Billing and Payments of your service. 

How Can I Update Google Fiber Payment Method? Add Or Remove Cards

You can easily make changes to your Google Fiber Payment Methods and add or remove your credit or debit card. 

1. You will be required to Sign In to your Google Fiber Account and then from the account page Click on Manage Bill.  

2. From your Bill page you can now click on Manage Payment Methods

3. If you wish to add a new card click on Add Payment Method and then select Add new credit or debit card

4. To remove your existing payment method select None and then click on Remove.

5. Confirm the procedure and you are done. 

Cancel Google Fiber- FAQs

Does Google Fiber Have Cancellation Fee?

No Google Fiber does not have a cancellation fee and you can easily cancel your services online or by contacting the Customer Support department. You won’t be required to pay any kind of penalty fee or cancellation charges for terminating your internet network services. 

Do I Have To Return My Google Fiber Equipment If I Cancel Service?

If you want to completely end the services and cancel your Google Fiber account for good then you must return your Fiber Equipment. You can package up your equipment and other devices and return them to the company. After about 72 hours of your service cancellation [email protected] will send you an email and you can easily print the return label from there.  

How Can I Contact Google Fiber Customer Service?

If you have any queries related to your Google Fiber account and its services then you can contact their Customer Service department by dialing 1 (866) 777-7550 and speaking to their representative. They will provide you with the solutions to your queries accordingly. You can also send them an email or chat with them online. Visit the Google Fiber Support page and select your mode of interaction with the representatives.   

Wrap Up

Google Fiber provides high-speed internet services and you can select the network plan that will suit you and your requirements perfectly. But if you tried using Google Fiber and are not satisfied with the services then you can follow the steps we discussed above in detail to cancel your Fiber services and account. You can update or manage your service plans and payment methods as mentioned above. If your queries persist you can contact Google Fiber Customer Service and they will help you accordingly. You can also cancel your RCN Service and Mediacom Service.

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