How To Cancel HughesNet? End Service In 5 Easy Steps!

how to cancel HughesNet

Are you satisfied with the Internet service provided by HughesNet or are planning to terminate it? Whatever your reason is if you are determined to end your connection then we can help you cancel your HughesNet service by providing you with correct, effective steps. 

HughesNet provides satellite internet services and claims to provide them at affordable rates. You can search for the best internet plans and services available in your residential areas and connect multiple devices to get high-speed internet. 

The only way yet to cancel your HughesNet service is by contacting the Customer Service department and requesting them to end your service. You won’t be able to cancel the HughesNet service online

How Much Does HughesNet Cost?

Internet Data PlansCharges
Satellite-only (15 GB)$64.99/month
Satellite-only (30 GB)$49.99/month 
Fusion 50 GB$74.99/month
Fusion 100 GB$124.99/month

*The prices may vary with region. 

The Satellite-only data plan of about 15GB can be purchased for $64.99/month and you get up to 25 Mbps of speed. The Satellite-only data plan of 30GB is available at a monthly price of $49.99 and you get an internet speed of 25 Mbps. The Fusion 50GB plan costs $74.99/month and gives an internet speed of 25 Mbps. The Fusion 100GB plan can be purchased for $124.99/month and you get 25 Mbps of speed. 

Cable and Fiber internet is more in use and provides high-speed data and is better than Satellite services in many ways. But there are regions where Satellite internet services are the best and probably only option. Then, one can go through the internet plans provided by HughesNet and compare them with other available options. If you are getting more features or benefits from HughesNet then you should definitely go for it but if you tried using their services and are not satisfied then it’s probably time to cancel it. 

How Can I Cancel My HughesNet Service?

You can easily cancel your HughesNet service by contacting their Customer Support department. 

1. Dial their Customer Service number (866) 347-3292 for canceling your service. 

2. You will be connected to one of the representatives, tell them that you want to cancel your HughesNet service. 

3. They will ask you the reason for the cancellation so make sure you have already prepared a great excuse. 

4. Provide them with your personal and account or service details that they might require to cancel the membership. 

5. Remember to ask them for a service cancellation confirmation message. 

How To Return Your HughesNet Equipment? What Do You Return When You Cancel HughesNet?

When you are determined of your service cancellation, you will be required to return all the equipment you possess. Otherwise, you might be charged for not returning the equipment. After canceling your HughesNet service, you must prepare to return the equipment. You will receive a return kit which you can use to send back the equipment. The kit may include a box, tapes, a UPS packing slip, and a return label. 

You can go through the return instructions provided in the return kit and do the packaging of your equipment in a similar way. You will be required to return your HughesNet modem, power supply, and radio. After you are done packaging the equipment, send it to the nearest UPS location and ensure that the package reaches the desired location. 

Cancel HughesNet Service-FAQs 

Can I Cancel HughesNet Online?

No, the users cannot cancel their HughesNet service online from their website or any other mode. The only way available for the moment to cancel your service is by contacting their Customer Support department by dialing their help number. You can talk to an agent on phone and they will help you cancel your services. 

How Much Does It Cost To Cancel HughesNet? Does HughesNet Have A Cancellation Fee?

You enter into a 24-month commitment when you purchase HughesNet internet service. If you plan to cancel the services before the commitment period is over then you will be charged an early termination fee of $400. This termination amount will have to be paid for the first 90 days of the equipment installation. Later, the termination fee goes down by  $15 per month

Can I Pause HughesNet Service?

Yes, you can of course pause your HughesNet service. The users are allowed to suspend their service temporarily and it is called Seasonal Hold. You must dial their Customer Care number (866) 347-3292 and request them for the same. 

How To Cancel HughesNet Without Cancellation Fee? How Do I Cancel HughesNet Without Penalty?

If you don’t want to pay the cancellation fee for your HughesNet service cancellation then you must cancel the order before its installation. You won’t be charged with a cancellation fee if you cancel the service within the first 30 days of its activation. However, installation or other charges might not be refunded.

How Can I Contact HughesNet Customer Service?

If you have any queries related to your internet service or anything else then you can contact the Customer Support department of HughesNet by dialing their help number 866-482-1777. You can also send them an email for your query or use the Live Chat feature to talk to their agents. You should visit the HughesNet Support Page for more details. 

Wrap Up

HughesNet is an internet service provider and a good option for those who require satellite internet services. However, if you tried the service but no longer require it anymore then you can cancel the service by following the cancellation steps discussed above in detail. Contact their Customer Service department for your related queries. You can also cancel your Cox Internet Service and T-Mobile service.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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