How To Cancel Dewa Connection?

Cancel Dewa Connection

Are you getting your electricity and water connection from DEWA? Well, it seems that the services provided by them are not up to the mark or you have another reason for its termination. No problem, if you want to end your DEWA connection then we will show you how it’s done. 

DEWA or Dubai Electricity and Water Authority provides both electricity and water services in Dubai. The authority came into existence when the Dubai Electricity Company and Dubai Water Department merged into one department and have been providing the services since then. 

Consumers will be able to disconnect their DEWA connection online using their DEWA User ID or by contacting Customer Service to disconnect their DEWA electricity or water connection as they wish. 

How To Cancel Dewa Connection?

There are two ways to cancel your DEWA connection and it can be possible via the online medium or in-person. 

Cancel DEWA Connection Online

1. To cancel this way, you must first visit the official website of DEWA and then use your UAE Pass or your DEWA user ID to log in. 

2. After that, go to the Consumer option and then choose Deactivation of Electricity/Water. 

3. You must already have your 10-digit DEWA contract account number, enter it where asked to. If you have more than one account then only enter the account number of the account you wish to disconnect.

4. If you have an outstanding bill then pay it immediately. Now choose a moving-out date for your disconnection. You may also have to provide a contact number if ever required by them. 

5. You can apply for the refund, at the same time or later and choose the payment mode for the security deposit refund. 

6. When you are done, submit the application, and as they process the request, you will receive a move-out notification number which you can use for later requirements. 

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Cancel DEWA Connection Online Without Login ID

1. If you do not possess your login details at the moment or have not yet registered online then you will have to go to the official web page of DEWA and click the Deactivation of Electricity/Water option. 

2. Look for the Apply Online (without login) tab on the page, you may find it on the left side. 

3. Click the tab and then enter your 10-digit DEWA contract account number. You must also provide your 9-digit DEWA premises number. If you are unaware of them then check your DEWA bill, you will find it there. 

4. This will soon provide you with an OTP on your email or the registered mobile number. Use it to log in and then initiate cancelation. 

5. You will have to pay the outstanding bill, select a moving-out detail, request a refund as you wish, and then submit the application as discussed above. 

Cancel DEWA Connection In Person

1. If you are unable to cancel your DEWA connection online due to any reason then you can also submit your service disconnection request In-Person. 

2. Make sure that you possess your Customer Account Number, UAE Mobile Number, Date of disconnection, and also, your Emirates ID when you are to make the cancelation. 

3. The application form can be submitted to the DEWA Customer Happiness Centre. 

Cancel Dewa Connection- FAQs

How Long Does It Take To Disconnect/Cancel DEWA? 

DEWA may take about 24 hours to process your disconnection request and proceed with it. Your final bill will be sent to you after 24 hours of submitting your cancelation request. You can contact their support team if the procedure gets more delayed. 

What Happens If You Don’t Pay DEWA?

DEWA provides a due date on your bill and you have to make the payments till that date. After that, you are also given a grace period of four days to pay your bill.
Later to that, an AED100 charge will be applied to your account. If you do not pay that charge then your services will be soon disconnected. 

How Do I Request A Refund From DEWA?

To request a refund from DEWA, you can visit the DEWA Refund Request page. Choose the Apply Online option from the Menu on the left side of the page and then provide your UAE Pass or DEWA Id details as asked. Complete the steps as prompted and you are done. 

How Can I Contact DEWA Customer Support?

You can contact the DEWA Customer Support department by dialing their help number 04-6019999 or sending an email to [email protected]. You may also visit the DEWA Contact Us page and get further Contact details there. 

Wrap Up

If you wish to disconnect your electricity and water connection provided by DEWA then following the above-mentioned steps can help.

There are both online and offline modes to try here. For your persisting queries, you can get in touch with the DEWA Customer Support team. 

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