How To Cancel Priceline Reservation? Cancel In 2 Easy Ways!

how to cancel priceline reservation

If you are a frequent traveler then you must have heard of Priceline. But if you are already a user of Priceline and have booked a reservation from there then you must be aware of the cancellation procedure too. We can help you cancel your Priceline reservation if your current travel plans are canceled or changed. 

The travel agency Priceline provides you with airline tickets and hotel reservations for your travel at a discounted price. It acts as a chain between the suppliers and the clients and helps both with reservation bookings. You can go through their official website and choose your preferences to make a reservation for your travel or stay. 

It is easy to cancel your Priceline reservation online by visiting the official website and going to your Itinerary page. Cancellation is also possible by contacting their Customer Service department through their Live Chat feature

What Is Priceline Cancellation Policy?

Priceline provides customers with Cancel For Any Reason service that will give them some flexibility during their reservation cancellation procedures. With this service, customers can cancel their flights up to 24 hours before their flight schedule for any reason. They will also provide you with an 80% refund of your flight charges. If your initial 24-hour cancellation policy is now expired, you can opt for the Cancel For Any Reason service. 

It is easy to cancel your reservation with this service where you will be required to visit the  Priceline itinerary or your reservation confirmation email and then hit the Cancel and Refund Trip button. Click on the Cancel button and follow the steps as required. You must also fill out the form there for your refund request. You must provide them with a verification code as they need to verify your identity before processing your return. It can take them about 1-5 business days to process your refund. 

How Do I Cancel My Priceline Reservation?

You can easily cancel your Priceline Reservation online or by contacting Customer Care for the same. 

Cancel Priceline Reservation Online

1. Visit the official website of Priceline and sign in to your My Trips account. 

2. There, you can look for the reservation that you wish to cancel and click on the View/Cancel Itinerary option next to it. 

3. Go through the cancellation policy on the page and then hit the Cancel button on your reservation page. 

4. You will soon receive an email from them that your booking cancellation has been confirmed. If there is no information regarding your refund then no problem, you will get another message from them for the same. 

Cancel Priceline Reservation Via Customer Care

1. You can also cancel your Priceline Reservation by contacting their Customer Support department. 

2. Visit the official website or directly go to Priceline Help Page

3. There, you will see the Chat section with the Priceline Virtual Assistant bot. 

4. Click on the Cancel Booking option in the chat section and they will ask you for the details regarding your reservation. 

5. Provide them with your trip number and other important details and they will help you with cancellation. 

Priceline Cancel Reservation- FAQs

Can I Change A Priceline Reservation?

You can change your Priceline car reservation before your selected pickup time. The customers must visit the My Trips section on the website on their account page and make necessary changes there. You can also learn about your reservation cancellation there. 

Why Can’t I Cancel My Priceline Reservation?

If you booked a reservation through Express Deals of Priceline where you can know about the complete itinerary only after your booking then you won’t be able to change or cancel the reservation. Cancellation can be possible for other reservations according to their own cancellation policies. 

Does Priceline Charge A Fee To Change Flights?

If you want to change your flight reservations through Priceline then you will be required to pay the airline’s change fee and the difference between your new reservation. Your flight change fee will depend upon the conditions of the airline and you can contact them for the same. The reservation change fee varies by airline and the type of your reservation. 

How Can I Contact Priceline Customer Service?

If you have queries related to your reservations on Priceline or have some problem with the services provided by them then you can contact their Customer Support department for the required help. You can speak to a representative regarding your queries by dialing their Service number 1 (877) 477-5807 or visiting their official website to contact them through their Live Chat option. 

Wrap Up

Priceline can be a help for you if you are looking for reservations for your travel and can provide you with several options. However, if you are planning to cancel a Priceline reservation then go through the above-mentioned steps for cancellation. Read about the cancellation policies of airlines and hotels too and then make the necessary changes. Contact their Customer Service department for more details and information. You can also cancel Opodo Prime.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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