How To Cancel Peoples Gas Subscription/Membership | 3 Easy Ways

How To Cancel Peoples Gas

Are you having issues while using your Peoples Gas Services or are you not satisfied with their subscription service? Whatever the reason, you can cancel Peoples Gas Service at any time with some simple steps. Here in this article, we elaborate on some easy methods for it.

You can cancel Peoples Gas Service by calling on Peoples Gas Customer Service Phone Number or using their online form and get assistance from their team or you can follow the cancelation steps online to stop your service on your own. 

What Is Peoples Gas?

Peoples Gas is a gas utility company that is responsible for providing natural gas to its customers. Most people are using their services because they provide natural gas delivery at an affordable price. But, if you are thinking of canceling, then you can do so in that way.

How To Cancel Peoples Gas Service?

As per the discussion above, you have two possible methods to cancel your Peoples Gas Service. These are-

  • Cancel over a phone call
  • Cancel Online
  • Cancel Via Email Form

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Cancel Peoples Gas Over A Phone Call

  1. The first and most effective way to cancel your service is by making a call to their customer service team at 866-556-6001
  2. You will get connected to one of their team members on a call and tell them about your cancelation intention
  3. Provide them with all of your service details and other basic personal details
  4. Ask them to provide you with a confirmation message on your email, whenever the cancelation process is done.

Cancel Peoples Gas Online

  1. If you want to cancel the service, without any involvement of their team, then for this you need to first go to the Peoples Gas Website.
  2. Then, tap on the “Start, Stop, Move Service Energy Options.
  3. Choose “Stop” from the next page and you will be asked to sign in to your account.
  4. Log in to your Peoples Gas Account and follow the instructions to stop your service.

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Cancel Peoples Gas Via Email Form

  1. Their team will also provide you with an Email form from which you can contact their team to get help with your cancelation. 
  2. Choose “Subject” and then write down your message in the “Questions/comment” box 
  3. Then, in the other section, add your “Contact Information” like Email, Name, Address, City, State, and Zip code
  4. Enter your Account Number and hit the “Continue to step 2” button
  5. After that, you have to Verify and submit> a confirmation
  6. After confirmation, you are done and your form will be submitted to their team 
  7. They will contact or respond to you on your Email. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Change Your Name On Peoples Gas Account?

If for any reason, you want to change or update your name on your Peoples Gas Account, like if you are married now, then you can easily do so by logging into your account and update your account information page or section. 

How To Contact Peoples Gas Customer Service?

You have an Email Online Form to contact their team. Submit the form to their team and they will contact you from their side. You can also make a call on the number at 866-556-6002 (For Emergencies) and 866-556-6001 (For Residential Services). For more contact numbers, visit Peoples Gas Contact Page.


Well!! If you made up your mind that you don’t want to continue with Peoples Gas Services, then you can cancel the service with the methods described in this article.

The methods are easy to understand and do. For any kind of other service information or help, you can contact their team.

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