How To Cancel Five Four Club/ Menlo Club Membership?

How To Cancel Five Four Club

Have you tried Five Four Club which deals in different varieties of men’s clothing? Most men are obsessed with their clothing style but some of them want to cancel Five Four Club Membership, as it seems like they are done with their shopping from that site. Here, you will get to know some possible methods to cancel your membership with ease. 

Well!! It’s hard to find a perfect clothing online store for men, but Five Four Club is a famous online store that especially deals in men’s clothing. It provides its members monthly membership options for amazing benefits, discounts on their clothes, and something more is also offered in its membership. But, if you for any reason wanna end the membership, you can also do so within some minutes. 

The only and the most effective way from which you can cancel your Five Four Club Membership is by contacting their customer support service team over a phone call and getting their help in canceling your membership. 

Can You Cancel Five Four Club Membership?

Yes, you can cancel your Five Four Club Membership or Menlo Club Membership at any time. Five Four Club formerly known as Menlo Club, deals in men’s clothing. Its members will be charged $60 per month and if you don’t want to charge it again on your next month, then you can cancel the membership at any time with the methods discussed later in this article. 

How To Cancel Menlo Club Membership? Cancel Five Four Club

The first and the most preferred method to cancel your Five Four Club Membership is by getting in touch with their customer support service team and asking or requesting them to cancel your membership. 

To make this cancelation method possible, you have to make a call at 888-341-2381 from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. Wait for someone to connect you on a call, when their team member is connected, have a clear and proper conversation with them regarding your cancelation. Provide them with all the required details and the membership will be canceled by them. You will get to know about it with your email. 

How To Pause Menlo Club Membership?

Yes, you are allowed to pause your Menlo Club membership for up to three months, if you don’t want to cancel it. To pause your membership, you need to contact their service team- either by phone ( 888-341-2381 ) or by sending them an email to [email protected] and submit your pause request. 

To avoid being charged for the month, make sure to pause your membership before the 14th of each month. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Return Items To Menlo Club?

Unfortunately, No. As, Menlo Club or Five Four Club delivers you the items based on your preferences and choices, the return of any item is not allowed in Menlo Club.

Can You Get A Refund From Menlo Club?

No, once you made a payment, you will not be able to get back your refund from Menlo Club. In case, if you feel like their team has made any mistake in billing, then you can contact their team at [email protected] 

How To Contact Menlo Club Customer Service?

In case of any kind of inconvenience, if you like to contact their team, then you can easily do so with the most preferred method by making a call to their team’s phone number at 888-341-2381 during their working hours. 


No matter, how much popularity Five Four Club or Menlo Club gains, there are still some members who are canceling their memberships with them when they feel like they no longer want to shop from Menlo Club. For those, members we have made this article and we hope that now you will be able to get a clear understanding of canceling membership. You are just one call away from canceling your membership. Also Know, how to cancel Trendy Butler Membership.

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