How To Cancel Just Energy Without Any Cancellation Fee?

Cancel Just Energy

Well If you are not using the services from Just Energy for a very long time, You must cancel the contract. Or Is there any other reason due to which you are here to know about the cancellation process. Don’t worry! We have got you covered.

Just Energy is a Canadian one of the leading natural gas as well as electricity suppliers in the United States. You can get the service that is required at the time you opt for by Just Energy, they have everything you need.

You can cancel your contract with Just Energy easily via, call, live chat, email etc. To get more information on all of these methods, read the article. 

How To Cancel Just Energy via Call?

You can easily cancel your contract with Just Energy by calling on any of these numbers

1-877-226-5368 (California)

1-866-587-8674 (All other states and provinces)

When you call on this number, You will be connected with one of their customer service agents, you may request them to cancel your contract and provide all the information prompted. Once it has been cancelled you will receive a confirmation message.

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How To Cancel Just Energy by Writing?

In order to cancel your Just Energy subscription, You can send a request letter to them on the following address:

Just Energy

Westheimer Rd. 5251, Suite 1000

TX 77056 Houston

United States

Cancelling a service via writing a request letter is legally valid and you also receive a confirmation. You need to write your personal details in the letter like your name, address, email and pin code. You will receive a confirmation post cancellation via post or email. 

How To Cancel Just Energy via Live Chat?

Alternatively, You can cancel your contract with Just Energy by using the Live Chat option available on their website. On the bottom right corner you will find the option Chat with an expert, follow the steps prompted correctly. 

Please provide your personal details along with the contract number. 

How To Cancel Just Energy via Email?

You can write an email to [email protected] requesting to cancel your contract with Just energy.

Mention your contract number and personal details in the mail and request for the confirmation of cancellation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Cancel Just Energy Immediately?

To cancel your contract with Just Energy immediately, You can call their customer care number.  

Is There Any Cancellation Fee Charged by Just Energy?

Yes You will have to pay an early termination charge to cancel your contract with Just Energy.

Can I Cancel Just Energy via Email?

Yes you can by writing an email to [email protected] 


With this we conclude our article on how to cancel Just Energy and we hope with this easy guide you will be able to cancel your contract with Just Energy effortlessly. 

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