How To Cancel People Magazine Subscription? 2 Easy Steps To Terminate Service!

how to cancel people magazine subscription

Do you want to cancel your subscription to People magazine? If you answered yes, you’ve come to the right place. People frequently purchase a magazine subscription but soon they realize that they no longer require them. If the same goes for you right now, then here you will get to know how to cancel People Magazine. 

If you enjoy reading about your favorite celebrities’ daily life gossip, then People Magazine can be a good option for you. This magazine consists of a complete package of photos, celebrity interviews, and news related to pop culture. It is one of the prominent sources to know what is going on in Hollywood. Well!! If you have signed up for People Magazine, and now you are bored with it, then here you will be guided properly on its cancelation procedure.

If you are a People Magazine Subscriber and want to cancel your subscription, then you need to Log in first. Then, you can cancel its Subscription by clicking “UNSUBSCRIBE” from the bottom of the page. After unsubscribing, you will not receive the People Premium newsletter. 

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How To Subscribe To People Magazine?

You can take a subscription to People Magazine in both digital and printed format as well as subscribe to a people magazine gift. Follow these steps to subscribe to People Magazine.

  • Go to People Magazine Website
  • Click on the “Subscribe” button from the top right corner
  • On the next page, choose your plan, which is:

                     $91.00 for 52 issues (Weekly Print Subscription)

                     $50.00 for 26 issues (Weekly Print Subscription)

  • Click on “Checkout”
  • Fill out your checkout form
  • Then select “Submit Your Order”

How To Cancel People Magazine?

If you no longer need your subscription to People Magazine, then you have the two most effective ways to cancel your magazine subscription. The two methods include- online and offline. 

  • Cancel People Magazine Online
  • Cancel People Magazine Over Phone

Let’s understand these methods one by one with clear and proper steps!

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Cancel People Magazine Online

Follow these steps to cancel your People Magazine online from its website:

  • Visit the People Magazine Website
  • Click on the “Your Account” section from the top right corner
  • Select “Manage Your Subscriptions”
  • Sign in with your account number or zip code. You can also use your name and address for sign in
  • Click on the “Cancel Subscription” button
  • Confirm your cancelation subscription
  • You will receive your cancelation confirmation in your email. 

Cancel People Magazine Over Phone

If you don’t want to cancel your People Magazine Subscription online, then an offline way is also available to cancel it, which is to make a call. You will not find their customer service number on their website. In case, you are finding difficulty in getting their customer service team number, we can provide you with some of their helpline and toll-free numbers to cancel your subscription to People Magazine. 

You can make a call on any of these numbers:

  • General Toll-Free Number: 800-451-9000
  • Customer Service Phone Number: 877-604-6512

You can call them from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 5 pm. Talk to one of their team members and ask them to cancel your subscription. Be ready with all the required details such as your account number, contact details, address, etc. and after your account verification, their team member will help you with your cancelation steps.don’t forget to ask them to send you a confirmation email about your subscription cancelation. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Refund From People Magazine?

Yes, People Magazine assured you to get a 100% cash refund on your unshipped orders. You will not get a refund for those magazines which have been delivered to you, a refund for the unshipped items or magazines will be sent back to you. 

Why I Am Receiving A Magazine I Didn’t Order?

It can be due to some scams. Be aware of such scams, as some scammers would take over your account and order magazines in your name. To avoid this, make sure to keep your account credentials private to you. 

How To Renew People Magazine Subscription?

People Magazine subscription works on an auto-renewal policy. All your subscription plans are automatically renewed until you cancel them. 

How To Check Magazine Subscription Status?

Go to People Magazine Account Portal to check the status of your People Magazine Subscription. You can also check your billing address and all online things from this portal. 

How Do I Stop Getting People Magazines In The Mail?

You just need to register a complaint at the Direct Market Association’s (DMA) consumer website and request to receive your magazine from the mail. They will try to cancel some magazines for you. 


You can now stay up to date on entertainment purposes by knowing about your favorite Hollywood celebrities via People Magazine. If at any time, you will feel this subscription is useless, then without wasting your time, pick up your phone, make a call to them, and cancel your subscription immediately before its auto-renewal. You can also cancel it online from its People Magazine Website. 

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