How To Cancel Friday Plans Subscription? Easy Steps To Cancel Online!

how to cancel friday plans subscription

Did you join Friday Plans to get yourself treated the right way? How did it work for you? Well, if you tried using it but didn’t find the subscription effective or are actually cured and don’t feel like continuing with the subscription plan then we can help you cancel your Friday Plans Subscription. 

Friday Plans removes the awkwardness with their discreet and secure way of treatment of ED. You can easily get the prescription online with some quick questions that you are required to answer which will decide your dosage requirement. The pills are made available for everyone in need at affordable prices. 

If you have finalized your decision to cancel the subscription then you can easily complete the procedure online from their official website. You can also pause your Friday Plans subscription if you have enough pills or are unable to use them due to some reason. 

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How Much Is Friday Plans Subscription?

Friday Plans has made the treatment of ED secure and affordable for those suffering from it. It is now easy to get the correct amount of dosage you require and you don’t really require to pay even for the online consultation. Whether it is their lowest dosage or the maximum they provide, the amount is only $1.99 for all. Even the company promises it to be the lowest price ever available and is ready to charge even less amount if the users are able to get the same for an even low price. 

Also, the users are provided with an additional 20% discount on the initial price if they pay for 6 months upfront. With this, they won’t be required to ship your dosage every month and instead, you get your refills every 3 months, saving both the company and the customers enough money. 

How Can I Cancel My Friday Plans Subscription?

You can easily cancel your Friday Plans subscription online if you don’t want to use the subscription anymore. 

1. Visit the official website or directly go to the Friday Plans Cancellation Page

2. Scroll down the page till you see the Continue To Cancel button and click on it. 

3. You will be required to log in if you are not already signed up and then you can search for your subscription plan there. 

4. Hit the Cancel Subscription option and confirm the procedure. 

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Can I Pause My Friday Plans Subscription?

If you have enough quantity of pills and don’t want to receive your next subscription order but also don’t wish to cancel the subscription then you do have the option to Pause your Friday Plans subscription. You can easily snooze your subscription online from your Profile page without any stress. At a time, you are allowed to pause your subscription starting from a week to about 3 months. You just have to visit the Friday Plans Cancellation Page and see the details there. 

Now click on the Pause Subscription button on the screen page and snooze it directly from your profile account, you might have to log in first. You can then select how long you wish to pause your subscription from the choices available- 1 week or a maximum of 3 months. Confirm the procedure and your subscription will pause for the selected time. 

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Friday Plans Cancel Subscription- FAQs

What Is The Return Or Refund Policy For Friday Plans?

According to their return policy, prescription medications are not allowed to be returned. However, they do make your experience with them easier when you can easily contact their Support team if you face any problem with the medication or your subscription and they will help you accordingly. 

Why Is There A Pending Charge On My Card If I Haven’t Been Prescribed Yet?

If you see a pending charge on your card even though you haven’t yet been prescribed the medication then Friday Plans say it could be due to security reasons that they have pre-authorized your card. There is nothing to worry about as the charge would settle once the prescription has been issued by their medical providers. 

Why Is My Friday Plans Medication Package Being Returned To Sender?

If you ever receive the Returned to sender message from Friday Plans then it is possible that they are unable to make the package delivery at the specific address. You must make sure from your account that the delivery address provided by you is correct and if the problem persists, contact their Customer Service department for more help. 

How Can I Contact Friday Plans Customer Service?

If you have any problems or queries related to your Friday Plans subscriptions and orders then you can contact the Customer Support department by dialing their toll-free number

+1 (855) 962-5303. You can also send an email to [email protected] where you ask them your doubts or directly chat with them online from the official website. 

Wrap Up

If you are suffering from ED then Friday Plans can provide you with effective medication at an affordable price. But if you tried using the medication prescribed by them and are not satisfied or don’t want to continue using them for any other reason then you must follow the steps discussed above in detail to cancel your subscription. You can also contact the Friday Plans Customer Service department if your queries persist.

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