How To Cancel MGM On Amazon Prime? End Service In 5 Simple Steps!

how to cancel MGM on amazon prime

If you have finally found another source that could compete with MGM in entertainment or no longer wish to continue using it then you can terminate the services easily. We can help you cancel MGM on Amazon Prime by providing you with the correct effective steps. 

MGM on Amazon Prime is a hub for entertainment that adds numerous films and series to Prime Video. There are several movie options available for you whether you are obsessed with Daniel Craig as James Bond or are excited about RoboCop, there is enough to search for. 

If you are planning to terminate your MGM services on Amazon Prime then you can visit the official website and cancel the channel from your Amazon Prime account. This will terminate the services provided by MGM from your account. 

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How Much Is MGM Subscription? 

Amazon has now provided a new entertainment option for its users with the launch of MGM+, the new subscription-based streaming platform. You can now enjoy Live Tv with MGM or get access to your on-demand entertainment here. All your favorite originals are available here so that you don’t miss the masterpieces. MGM+ currently offers two subscription plans on a monthly and yearly basis and the users can select and enjoy what works best for them. 

The Monthly Subscription plan with your most loved on-demand programs and of course live tv can be purchased for $7.99 per month where you get easy access to all their content for a month. The Annual Subscription plan for MGM on Amazon Prime costs $49.99 per year and is available at a discounted price where you can enjoy the entertainment for a complete year. 

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How Can I Cancel MGM On Amazon Prime?

You can cancel MGM on Amazon Prime by visiting your official Amazon Prime website and canceling the subscription there. 

1. Go to the official website of Amazon Prime and Sign In to your account. 

2. Now go to Settings from your account page and navigate to Manage Your Prime Video Channels

3. You can now select Prime Video Channels and search for the MGM channel that you wish to cancel. 

4. Now click on Cancel Channel and then confirm the procedure. 

5. You can also cancel the subscription you want from the Your Channels section in your Prime account. Select the MGM+ or other channel you wish to cancel and then hit the Cancel Channel button. 

How To Cancel Premium Channels On Prime Video?

Premium channels available on your Prime Video are not part of your Amazon Prime Video subscription. They are actually additional channels or streaming services that you can purchase if you wish to by paying an extra amount for them. If you don’t want to continue with a Premium channel then you can cancel it easily from your Prime account. 

1. Go to the official website of Amazon Prime and log in to your Prime Video account. 

2. You must now click on the Account & Lists option at the top and then click on Account from the options in the menu. 

3. Now move to the Membership and Subscriptions option. 

4. Choose Prime Video Channels from the list in the menu. 

5. You will now see a list of all your Premium Channels and you can choose the Channel you wish to cancel.

6. On the screen page, you will now see the Cancel Channel option at the bottom. Click on it and confirm the procedure. 

After the Premium channel is canceled, you will still have an access to the channel till its next billing date. 

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Cancel MGM On Amazon Prime- FAQs

Is MGM Included In Amazon Prime?

Amazon made a deal with MGM television studio at a whooping amount which made MGM a part of Amazon studios and Prime Video. So MGM is now included in Amazon Prime and you can now purchase your favorite streaming service from your Prime account. 

Why Can’t I Cancel MGM On Amazon Prime?

It is easy to cancel your MGM channel on Amazon Prime by logging in to your Prime account and canceling the channel from the Manage Channels option. However, if you are still unable to cancel MGM then you can visit Amazon Digital and Device Support and request the cancellation. 

Does MGM Provide A Free Trial? 

Yes, MGM does provide a free trial to the users. With MGM+, you can get a 7-day free trial which will continue for the selected time and then you will be charged according to the plan you selected. If you don’t want to continue with MGM then you can cancel it before the trial period is over from your account. 

Wrap Up

MGM has a great number of options for your most loved shows and movies but it is definitely not the only choice. If you have found a better platform or streaming service that provides you with more exciting content then you can cancel your MGM channel on Amazon Prime by following the detailed steps mentioned above. You can also remove the other Premium Channels from your Prime account if you don’t want to continue using them.

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