How To Cancel Regal Unlimited? 3 Ways To Cancel!

Cancel Regal Unlimited

Are you a huge movie fan and can never get enough of the theatrical experience? Regal Unlimited is just for those who do not want to miss the first-day show of their favorite movies. But if you don’t want to continue with your Regal Subscription then you can also opt to cancel it. 

Regal Unlimited is perfect for movie enthusiasts who love the concept of experiencing movies the way they were meant to be, in theaters. A Regal Unlimited pass will provide you with a great number of benefits and of course, a lot of concessions in ticket prices and other stuff. Not only on ticket prices, but you can also save on your favorite snacks, enhancing your movie-watching experience.

You can easily cancel your Regal Unlimited subscription if you have a busy time ahead, whether it is for your job, upcoming tests, or other reasons.

There are three different ways to cancel your Regal Unlimited pass subscription. You can do that by canceling the subscription through the Regal app, by sending an email, or through a phone call to them. 

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What Is Regal Unlimited Card and Is Worth It?

Regal Unlimited is a subscription pass for those who prefer watching movies in theaters. You can choose from the available movie options in the application and can also reserve seats for yourself.

You can get your tickets from the app and when you enter the theater, just show the ticket on your mobile, and you are done. With this movie pass, you can enjoy as many movies as you wish at a discounted price.

But before all that, you must first get the list of all the participating theaters and if they are near you. With this membership, you can watch as many movies as you wish, and that too at any time.

You can save money on tickets or concession prices and will also be provided with discounts. You will also get credits or reward points that will get you a concession in your snack purchase in the theaters. These credits can also provide you with free snacks according to the number of credits you possess. 

How To Get Regal Unlimited?

You can easily join Regal Unlimited by following simple steps:

  • You will need to first download the Regal app. 
  • Choose any subscription you like by Selecting the Regal Unlimited banner of your choice. 
  • Follow the steps as required by providing details and more. 
  • Pay in monthly plan prices or with a complete subscription. 

Can I Cancel My Regal Unlimited Membership?

Yes, the users are welcome to cancel their Regal Unlimited Membership whenever they don’t feel like continuing with it.

If going out to watch a movie is too much for you and you are aware that they will be available to you on your favorite streaming platform or even for any other reason, you can cancel your Regal membership anytime you want by understanding the methods and modes for that. 

There are three ways to cancel your Regal Unlimited Membership plans. According to the need of the users, they can cancel their membership by going to the Regal app, sending an email to the officials, or even through a phone call where you request the representatives to Cancel their membership.

Just choose the mode of cancellation you are cozy with and initiate the canceling process. 

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How Can You Cancel Regal Unlimited Membership?

You can choose the mode of cancellation you are comfortable with and then begin the process of cancellations. There are three different ways to do that:

1. Cancel Regal Unlimited Through Regal App

  • To cancel through the app, you will have to get the Regal Cinemas application on your devices or smartphones. 
  • Provide your account details and sign in to the application.
  • Navigate to My Account and then choose My Subscription from the options. 
  • Tap on Cancel My Subscription.
  • Hit the Cancel button again to confirm the cancellation process. 

2. Cancel Regal Unlimited By Email

  • Sign in to the Email address that is associated with the Regal app on the email app you use on your device
  • Compose an email from that address to send it to Regal Unlimited.
  • You can add this customer support account of Regal Unlimited in the recipient place – [email protected]
  • On the Subject Box, you must type Request to cancel my Regal Unlimited Subscription. 
  • You will have to provide the reason behind your Regal Unlimited Membership cancellation and other important details like mobile number and more they require.
  • When you are satisfied with the email that you have typed, hit the Send button. 
  • You will get a confirmation email from the support team regarding your Cancellation request. 

3. Cancel Regal Unlimited Through A Phone Call

  • If you are convenient with a phone call then you can cancel your Regal Unlimited by contacting the support team via call.
  • You can call them at 1-(888)-462-7342 through the mobile number you have registered with them and request them to cancel your subscription.
  • Remember to give me a call from Monday to Friday and that too between 9-5.

Regal Unlimited 90-Day Trial. What Is It?

regal unlimited 90 days trial

The new fans and subscribers can now get the benefit of the 90 90-day subscription plans. This plan is easily available on the Regal application where all you need to do is sign in and choose the 90-day trial plan.

This plan provides you with similar benefits for a shorter period of time as you could only opt for a year-long commitment first.

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However, if you are not comfortable with this plan and it feels like you are getting the yearly plan only as many users complained that the app still shows that they have got the 12-month subscription instead of 90 days then you can cancel it.

Just take the 90-day subscription trial and cancel it after the time period is over. You can cancel your membership plan by

  • Cancelling the membership through the app
  • Cancelling the membership via email
  • Canceling the membership by contacting Regal Customer Support through a phone call. 

You can refer to the information provided above regarding more details of these steps. 

Regal Unlimited Subscription Cost Per Month

If you are 16 or above or have a guardian’s permission then you can easily join Regal Unlimited to get the benefits of the application.

You will also be required to add a profile picture of yourself so that they can give you access when you go to a theater. 

The Regal Unlimited Subscription Plans differentiate according to their accessibility, these plans are basically divided into three tiers:

Subscription PlansPlan charge/ price
Unlimited Plan$18/month + tax or an annual fee of $216
Unlimited Plus Plan$21/month + tax or an annual fee of $252
Unlimited All-access Plan$23.5/month + tax or an annual fee of $282

Regal Unlimited Subscription- FAQs

How Many People Can Be Added To Regal Unlimited?

A Regal Unlimited pass holder can add about five Regal Unlimited subscribers to their list. However, if the subscriber you have added has a different subscription plan than yours, you will be required to pay all fees and surcharges and also all other applicable taxes if you decide to get a reservation for them. 

Will I Get A Refund If I Cancel My Regal Unlimited Subscription?

Yes, you will be refunded if you cancel your Subscription. Canceling a subscription will deactivate your Subscription pass and all the reservations you had made through the Regal Unlimited application.
With this cancellation, you can receive a refund on all the premium Seating Surcharges, Restricted Theater Surcharges, and Premium Format Surcharges
However, you will not get a refund on any Convenience fees. 

How Do I Pause My Regal Unlimited Subscription?

To pause your Regal Unlimited subscription, you will have to contact their Customer Service department by dialing their help number 1-(888)-462-7342 and requesting for the same. You can also visit the Regal Contact Us page for more related details.

Wrap Up

Regal Unlimited provides unlimited fun and benefits to all those who enjoy watching movies in the theater. If you cannot wait to watch the first show of your favorite movie with theatrical experience then you must definitely join the membership.

However, if you are more comfortable with enjoying the movies at home then you can cancel the Regal Unlimited membership by following the steps discussed above. 

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