How To Cancel Paramount Plus? 6 Easy Modes To Cancel!

how to cancel paramount plus

You must have already watched your favorite content on Paramount+ or maybe the services are not well for you. If you are planning to terminate Paramount Plus due to any reason then we can help you cancel your subscription by providing easy steps for the same. 

Paramount+ provides video-on-demand services with their subscription plans. There is a huge list of movies and shows selected for you and you can watch your favorites there.

The subscription can be purchased on several platforms and if you already have one and don’t want to use it anymore then you can also easily cancel it. 

You can cancel Paramount Plus on the platforms from where you purchased the subscription from. Cancellation is possible through the official website and also on your iOS, android devices and also on Roku, Apple TV, and more. Keep reading for detailed steps. 

How Do I Cancel Paramount Plus Subscription?

There are several ways to cancel your Paramount+ subscription and it depends on the platform where you purchased it. 

Cancel Paramount+ From Official Website

1. If you purchased your Paramount+ subscription on your mobile web, smart TV, desktop, or other platforms, you can cancel it by visiting the official website. 

2. Go to the official website of Paramount+ and sign in to your account through your Username. 

3. Now click on the Account tab and look for your subscription there. 

4. Hit the Cancel subscription button and Confirm the procedure. 

Cancel Paramount+ On iOS Device

1. Go to the Settings application on your iOS device and tap on your name on the screen page. 

2. Tap on the Subscriptions option and then sign in to your Apple ID

3. Again tap on Subscriptions and then select the Paramount+ subscription that you wish to cancel. 

4. Hit the Cancel Subscription button and then tap on Confirm when done. 

Cancel Paramount+ On Android Device

1. You can also cancel your Paramount+ subscription if you purchased it through Google Play Store on your android device. 

2. Open the Google Play Store on your device and tap on your profile icon at the top of the page. 

3. Select Payments & Subscriptions from the options available in the menu and then choose Subscriptions

4. Choose your Paramount+ subscription from there and then tap on Cancel Subscription

Cancel Paramount+ On Roku

1. You can cancel Paramount+ if you purchased it from your Roku account. 

2. Visit the official page of Roku and sign in to your account. Now go to the Manage Your Subscriptions section. 

3. Under the Active Subscriptions tab, choose the Paramount+ subscription that you wish to cancel. 

4. Now hit Turn off auto-renew to cancel your subscription and provide a reason for your subscription cancellation. 

5. Select Continue To Cancel and then confirm the changes. 

You can also cancel your Paramount+ subscription through your Roku Streaming device.

1. From your Roku remote, press the Home button

2. Navigate to the Channel subscription section and select Paramount+. 

3. Go to the Menu options by hitting the Star button on your Roku remote. 

4. Select Manage Subscription and then hit the Cancel Subscription button. 

Cancel Paramount+ On Fire TV/ Cancel Paramount+ On Prime Video Amazon

1. You can easily cancel your Paramount+ subscription if you purchased it through Amazon/Fire TV. 

2. Sign in to your Amazon Account to cancel the subscription. 

3. Visit the Your Memberships and Subscriptions section and then choose the Manage Subscription option next to your Paramount+ subscription. 

4. Now go to Manage Your Prime Video Channels and click on the link below it. 

5. Find the subscription you wish to cancel under Prime Video Channels and then hit the Cancel Channel option.

Cancel Paramount+ On Apple TV

1. Open the Settings application on your Apple TV and then choose Users & Accounts

2. Now select your account and then go to Subscriptions

3. Select the Paramount+ subscription that you want to cancel from your Apple TV. 

4. Click on Cancel Subscription and Confirm the procedure. 

Cancel Paramount Plus- FAQs

Does Paramount+ Have A Free Trial? How To Cancel Paramount+ Free Trial?

Yes, Paramount+ does offer a free trial to the users who join for the first time. You can get a 7-day free trial for your subscription during which you can choose if you wish to end the subscription or continue with it.
If you don’t want to pay any more for your subscription then cancel it before the trial period is over. Go through the above-mentioned cancellation steps to cancel your Paramount+ free trial. 

Can I Cancel My Paramount Plus Subscription Anytime?

Yes, Paramount+ allows you to cancel your subscription whenever you want. Even after canceling the subscription, you will still have access to the services provided by them till your current billing period ends. However, to prevent yourself from being charged for the subscription, cancel it before your free trial is over. 

Why Does Paramount Plus Keep Charging Me?

If you believe that you cancel your Paramount+ subscription and are still being charged then probably your subscription is not yet canceled. Go through the cancellation steps mentioned earlier and carefully terminate the subscription.
There are also changes that you have another account that is still active, review all your accounts and cancel your subscription there. You can contact their Customer Support if the problem persists. 

Why Can’t I Cancel Paramount Plus?

There are different modes to cancel Paramount Plus and it depends on the platform you chose to purchase the subscription.
You must follow those cancellation steps carefully to complete the procedure and if you use a different account or different steps then you won’t be able to cancel your subscription. 

How Can I Contact Paramount Plus Customer Service?

If you have issues related to the services provided by Paramount Plus then you can contact the Customer Service department by dialing their help number 1 (888) 274-5343 and speaking to a representative for the same.
You can also chat with the representatives online by visiting the Paramount+ Customer Support page and clicking on the Chat icon. 

Wrap Up

Paramount+ can be a good option for you if you are looking for a streaming device for movies and shows. But it is definitely not the only video streaming option available for you.

So if you found a better option for video streaming and plan to cancel Paramount Plus then follow the detailed cancellation steps discussed above to cancel the service.

It is also easy to interact with their Customer Service department if you have questions related to your subscription. You can also cancel your Mubi subscription.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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