Is There A Cancellation Fee For Planet Fitness?

is there a cancellation fee for planet fitness

You joined Planet Fitness to get that perfect body you always desired and maintain your health and fitness. But now you are not satisfied with the services provided by them or have actually found a better option with affordable prices and better services as you are looking for ways to cancel.

Planet Fitness is a fitness company that provides you with gym or club services. You can get access to several fitness training sessions and several types of equipment for strength training, cardio, and more. You can find your nearest club and visit the location for more information.

If you are planning to terminate your membership at Planet Fitness then you must be aware that you will be charged a membership cancellation fee if you leave the club before your membership period is over.  However, this charge is only applicable if you are on a yearly membership.

Is There A Cancellation Fee For Planet Fitness?

Yes, there is a cancellation fee for Planet Fitness if you cancel your membership before your membership period is over. You will be charged with a cancelation fee of $58 if you had purchased a yearly membership to the club and are planning to terminate before the completion of 12 months.

However, you won’t be charged a cancellation fee if you do not have a commitment to the club or you are a gym member for more than a year. You can then cancel your membership without paying a cancellation fee.

You have to provide them with a 30-day notice for your membership cancellation and they will help you accordingly with your membership termination.

Why Would You Cancel Your Planet Fitness Membership? Why Is Planet Fitness Being Hated By All?

Planet Fitness did claim to provide fitness services and training at affordable rates to all and many joined the club. However, there have been several complaints about Planet Fitness and the services provided by them which is a reason that is enabling people to leave the club.

It’s easy to spread the news on social media and the hating procedure initiated with a Facebook post which is considered Planet Fitness leg press reading that stated that they do not cater to bodybuilders or heavyweight lifters and that the members must only use limited weight plates.

There are also posts by them where they have advised the club members to refrain from doing selected exercises and also no supersets. People have even started to believe that Planet Fitness does not really want people to stay fit.

There are also several posts and videos from gym members who complained about the rude staff and how once the staff won’t let a member enter due to their water bottle. You can learn more about such instances from the shared video.

How Can I Cancel My Planet Fitness Membership?

You can cancel your Planet Fitness membership by visiting your local gym location in person or by sending a mail to your club address.

1. To cancel your membership in person, visit your local Planet Fitness club location and request a cancellation form. Fill out the required details and follow the steps they mention and you will be able to cancel your membership.

2. If you don’t want to visit the club then you can also send a mail regarding your request. Write down that you wish to cancel your Planet Fitness membership and provide them with the required details that they may need to cancel your membership.

Ask them for a membership cancellation confirmation when the procedure is completed and you are done.

How To Avoid Planet Fitness Cancellation Fee?

You will be charged a cancellation fee if you had a membership agreement or commitment and you opt out before the commitment period is over. But you won’t be required to pay for your cancellation if you are in no-commitment membership or are a part of the club for more than a year. You can only avoid the cancellation fee if you are not into a membership commitment.

Can I Cancel Planet Fitness Membership Online?

No, the members are not allowed to cancel their Planet Fitness membership online. They can only cancel their gym or club membership by visiting their club location or by sending a cancellation letter through the mail.

How Can I Contact Planet Fitness Customer Service?

If you have any problem with the services provided by them or have related queries then you can go to the Planet Fitness Customer Service page and get related answers and information regarding your queries there. You can also visit your local club location and tell your query to the representative at the front desk.

Wrap Up

Planet Fitness is not only popular for the affordable services provided by them but it also stays in news for customer complaints and more. If you are planning to end your membership to the club then you can find detailed cancellation steps discussed in Cancel Planet Fitness membership. You can go through the details mentioned above to learn more about the cancellation fees and membership commitment. Contact their Customer Support department for your related queries.

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