How To Cancel Mubi Subscription? Did You Try These Steps?

Cancel Mubi Subscription

If you have a specific film taste and appreciate the quality then you must have joined Mubi. But if you don’t want to continue with the plan anymore due to any reason then no problem, we can help you cancel your Mubi Subscription. 

Mubi is a film streaming platform that also produces and distributes films. If you are a fan of classics, art films, or indie movies then the platform can be a great option for you. This global streaming service is especially for what they say- cinephiles and you can have numerous options with their subscription plans. 

You can cancel your Mubi subscription easily if you don’t want to use it anymore and it depends on the platform you selected to get the plan. Cancellation can be done from their official website or through your android and iOS devices

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Does Mubi Have A Free Trial? Mubi Subscription Plans And Prices

If you want to test the platform before purchasing a subscription plan then Mubi does offer a 7-day free trial on all its subscription plans so that you get to know how it works and what you receive. Also, if you are a student, the free trial is available for you for about 30 days

The Mubi subscription plan is available for a monthly price of $10.99. The annual Mubi membership will cost $95.88. The membership will provide you with ad-free access to the special Mubi content so that you enjoy your movie journey without any disturbance. There is a huge library with amazing movies for you to choose from and the subscription also gives you access to download them for later and view them offline. Also, if a user already has a subscription to Amazon Prime Video then Mubi can be available for you at a discounted price of $5.99 a month

How Can I Cancel My Mubi Subscription?

You can easily cancel your Mubi subscription online or through your iOS and Android devices. 

Cancel Mubi Subscription Online

1. From your web browser, visit the official website of Mubi

2. Log in to your Mubi account and go to the Settings section. 

3. Now navigate to your Subscriptions tab and look for your subscription plan.

4. Cancel your Mubi subscription and confirm the procedure. This will also terminate your auto-renewal. 

Cancel Mubi Subscription On Android Device

1. If you purchased the Mubi subscription on your android device then you can easily cancel it from the Google Play Store. 

2. On your device, open the Google Play Store application. 

3. Tap on your Profile icon at the top of the page and choose Payments & Subscriptions

4. Now go to Subscriptions and then choose your Mubi Subscription plan.

5. Tap on Cancel subscription and then confirm cancellation. 

Cancel Mubi Subscription On iOS Device

1. Open the Settings app on your iOS device and then tap on your name

2. Sign in to your Apple ID and then hit the Subscriptions button. 

3. Choose the Mubi subscription that you want to cancel and then tap Cancel subscription.

4. Confirm your cancellation and you are done. 

Cancel Mubi Subscription From Amazon

If you have added a Mubi subscription to your Amazon Prime account then you can also cancel your subscription plan from there. It is easy to remove the plan from Amazon Prime. 

1. Sign in to your official Amazon Prime account to proceed. 

2. Navigate to the Manage Your Prime Video Channels option and then select Prime Video Channels

3. You can now choose the Mubi subscription that you wish to cancel. 

4. Hit the Cancel Channel option and then confirm your cancellation. 

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Cancel Mubi Subscription- FAQs

Does Mubi Provide Refund On Cancellation?

No, Mubi does not provide any kind of refund for your partially used subscription period so you can’t request a refund from them. You can, however, cancel your subscription plan and you will still receive access to Mubi content till your current subscription billing period gets over. 

How Can I Remove My Credit Card From Mubi? Update Your Payment Method 

You can easily remove your card or change or update your payment methods on Mubi. Simply navigate to Subscription Settings and then hit the Payment Details button. Now go to the Update payment method option and make the necessary changes. 

Is Mubi Free With Amazon Prime?

No, Mubi is not free with Amazon Prime. However, you can get the Mubi subscription at a discounted price if you already have an Amazon Prime account. You can go through the subscription prices mentioned above and purchase your subscription accordingly. 

Wrap Up

If you are an actual fan of cine and theatrical art pieces then Mubi can provide you with that special experience. But if you used Mubi and now have to terminate your subscription then follow the subscription cancellation steps discussed above in detail.

You can even cancel your subscription plan for Mubi if you purchased it through your Amazon Prime account. Start with a free trial and cancel it if the platform doesn’t work for you. Do go through the official website and learn more details on subscriptions. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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