How To Cancel A Subscription On Roku? Easy Termination Steps

how to cancel a subscription on roku

There are numerous video streaming options available for all and Roku is one of them. If you are already a user of Roku services and wish to cancel a channel or other subscriptions on the platform then we can help you cancel your Subscriptions on Roku. 

Roku manufactures a great number of media players for people to enjoy video streaming. Whether it is for your entertainment or efforts to make your home smart, Roku has options for all. You can purchase channel subscriptions and other facilities available from them. But if you tried using the service and are not much satisfied then we have some cancellation options for you. 

To cancel a Subscription on your Roku account, you will be required to visit the official website and log in to your Roku account or cancel the subscription with the help of a Roku remote if you are using a Roku streaming device

How Can I Cancel Channel Subscription On Roku Streaming Device? Turn Off Auto-Renew

If you have purchased a channel subscription on your Roku device then you can cancel it from there too. 

1. To cancel a channel subscription on your Roku device, take your Roku remote and press the Home button on it. 

2. Go to the Channel subscription that you wish to cancel. 

3. Visit the Menu options by hitting the Star button on your Roku remote. 

4. Choose Manage Subscription from the Options available. If you want to unsubscribe from the channel, hit Cancel Subscription

5. Confirm the procedure by clicking Cancel Subscription again and then select Done

How To Cancel Subscription On Mobile Or Computer Device Through Roku Pay? Turn Off Auto-Renew

If you purchased a subscription through Roku Pay, then you can cancel it on your mobile or computer device. 

1. Visit the official page of Roku and sign in to your account by providing the correct credentials.

2. Now navigate to the Manage Your Subscriptions section. 

3. Under the Active Subscriptions tab, choose the channel subscription that you wish to cancel. 

4. Now hit Turn off auto-renew to terminate your subscription and provide a reason for your subscription cancellation. 

5. Now select Continue To Cancel and then confirm the procedure. 

How Can I Cancel My Roku Smart Home Subscription? Turn Off Auto-Renew

If you purchased a Roku Smart Home for your family’s safety but no longer wish to continue with it anymore then you can cancel your subscription easily. 

1. Visit the official website of Roku and log in to your Roku account to proceed. 

2. From the menu options, choose Manage Your Subscriptions

3. Now visit the Active Subscriptions section and choose Roku Smart Home Subscription from the options. 

4. Now hit the Manage Subscription button and uncheck all your doorbells and cameras from there. 

5. Confirm the changes you made and then click on Turn Off Auto-Renew

This will cancel your Roku Smart Home subscription. 

How To Update Roku Account?

If you want to make changes or additions to your Roku account then it is also possible from your account page. 

1. Open the official page of Roku and Sign In to your Roku account. 

2. Navigate to the Account Information section and choose Update from the options under it. 

3. Fill out the required changes in the Account details form and update your account accordingly. 

4. Hit the Save Changes option and Confirm the procedure. 

Cancel A Subscription On Roku- FAQs

How Do I View My Subscriptions On Roku?

If you want to view your subscription on Roku to learn about your billing date and other details then you can log in to your Roku account and then go to Manage Subscriptions. Now go to HISTORY Vault and you will be able to view or make edits to your subscription. 

Does Removing A Channel From Roku Cancel The Subscription?

It is easy to remove channels from the Roku app or on your device. However, removing a channel will not cancel the subscription. You can remove the channels from the Roku Channel store but you will be required to cancel a subscription separately from your Roku account. 

How Can I Contact Roku Customer Service? Roku Support Account

If you have queries related to the services provided by Roku or have problems with your device then you can visit the Roku Contact Us page or Roku support page and you will get the related answers there. 

Wrap Up

Your need for entertainment will be taken care of from your Roku streaming devices as you can get several channel subscriptions of your choice. You can also opt for Roku Smart Home services if you wish to enhance your house security. But if you are using Roku for some time and now plan to terminate a subscription on the platform then you can follow the detailed cancellation steps discussed above. You can easily get in touch with Roku Customer Support for your related queries. You can also cancel your Fubo TV subscription and Apple TV Subscription.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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