How To Cancel NFHS Network Subscription?

Cancel NFHS Network

Do you believe that you are paying too much for live high school sports through your subscription to the NFHS network? Well, any subscription can go out of budget in certain instances, that is why we are here to help you with canceling your NFHS network so that you do not have to pay for it anymore. 

When it comes to streaming on-demand live high school sports, then the NFHS network is at the top of the list on which about 27 different regular as well as post-season sports are covered. Not just this, in fact, the NFHS network also covers high school activities and celebrations of the achievements of the student-athletes, broadcasters, and so on.

If you want to cancel your NFHS network, log in to your NFHS account and head to your account settings. Here, you can turn the auto-renew option off and you will no longer be charged for the subscription. 

To know in detail about the NFHS network and its cancelation process, we suggest you keep reading this answer and get all your answers right here. 

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How To Cancel NFHS Network Subscription?

The process of canceling your NFHS network subscription will vary a little depending upon the device you have taken up the network on but don’t worry, in this article, you will find all you need. 

1. Cancel NFHS Network Through NFHS Account

The most common method that people would go for is canceling their NFHS Network subscription directly from their NFHS account, and here are the steps that you are needed to follow for this.

  • On your device, log in to your respective NFHS network account.
  • Head to the “My Account Settings” menu.
  • Here you can see the option to turn off the “auto-renew” option for your monthly pass. 

Once you turn it off and save the settings, your subscription shall be canceled as long as you do not subscribe to it again. 

Alternatively, you can also contact the NFHS Network team and request to get your subscription canceled as you no longer need it. 

2. Cancel NFHS Network On Roku

If your NFHS network is Roku billed, then here are the steps that you are required to follow:

  • Sign in to the Roku account linked to your NFHS network.
  • Head to the Manage Subscription option.
  • Now, select your NFHS network subscription.
  • You will find the option to turn off auto-renew, select it.
  • Mention the reason for the cancelation of your NFHS network and follow up as directed. 

As you go with this procedure either through your Roku device or directly on, your subscription to the NFHS network shall be terminated once the current billing cycle ends until which you will be able to continue availing of the services. 

3. Cancel NFHS Network Subscription Through Google

For the users who have their NFHS network subscription, Google billed, the service can be canceled either on their Google/Android device or directly via 

Most people prefer Google Play for this procedure, and here are the steps for the same. 

  • On your Android device, head to Google Play.
  • In your respective Google Play account, go to your Subscriptions section.
  • Look for the NFHS network subscription among all your active subscriptions.
  • Select the Cancel Subscription option.
  • Follow up as directed and your subscription will be canceled. 

4. Cancel NFHS Network Through Apple

If your NFHS Network subscription is billed through Apple, then you will need to cancel it either through or on your Apple device. 

Here are the steps if you wish to cancel your NFHS network on your Apple device. 

  • Head to the Settings app of your Apple device.
  • Tap on your name at the top of the screen.
  • Now, tap on the Subscriptions option and select your NFHS Network subscription.
  • You will find the Cancel Subscription option, tap on it.

Follow up as directed and your subscription to NFHS Network’s services shall be terminated. 

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5. NFHS Network Subscription Through Amazon

If your NFHS Network subscription is Amazon billed, then you can cancel it either on or on your Amazon device. 

Here are the steps required to be followed to cancel your Amazon billed NFHS Network subscription.

  • Head to your Amazon account on your device’s browser.
  • Go to the Memberships and Subscriptions section.
  • Next to your NFHS Network subscription will be the option of “Manage Subscription” tap on it.
  • Under the advanced controls, tap on the link and you will be directed to the main subscription page.
  • Here you can follow up as directed to terminate your NFHS Network subscription. 

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How Much Is NFHS A Month?

If your NFHS subscription is billed annually and you divide it into 12 monthly payments, then you are charged about $6.67 for a month. 
However, if you have selected a monthly subscription, then you will be charged $11.99 for each month you are subscribed to. 

How Do I Contact NFHS Network?

To contact the NFHS network for any doubts and queries, you can either call them on their customer support number which is 877-978-2311, or you can also contact them at their address at [email protected].

Can You Get A Refund On NFHS?

Yes, if you qualify as per the refund policies of NFHS, then you can contact them to explain how you are eligible for the refund, and an agent from NFHS will review your account and will provide you with a refund accordingly. Remember that you will not get a refund if your NFHS account is billed through a third party. 

Wrapping Up

We hope that with the help of this article, you will not find any difficulty canceling your NFHS Network account no matter which platform it is being billed from. If there is any other subscription or membership that you would like to terminate, you can let us know in the comments so that we can help you out with the same. 

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