How To Cancel Crave TV?

Cancel Crave TV

If you want to take a break or may be found a better alternative to CraveTv, You need to cancel your subscription with Crave TV. Don’t worry ! You have come to the right place.

CraveTV is a Premium TV network and Video on Demand streaming service in Canada. It offers a prepaid subscription and you can enjoy latest and trending shows and movies.

To cancel the subscription, head to their official website or directly contact them via call. But if you have used a different platform or application then the procedure will be different.

How To Cancel Crave TV Online?

Crave TV is a Prepaid service so even after cancelling the subscription you will be able to access your subscription until your next renewal. If you wish to cancel your Crave TV subscription, you can do it anytime with these easy steps. 

  1. Visit the website
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Go to Manage Account 
  4. Click on subscriptions
  5. Now click on cancel subscriptions
  6. Follow the next steps until you reach the confirmation page.

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How To Cancel Crave TV via Phone Call?

To cancel your Crave Tv subscription via phone you need call on this number 1-888-272-8388

You will be connected with the customer service representative, you should request them for cancelling your subscription. After successful cancellation they will tell you the end date of your subscription till that date you will be able to enjoy streaming your favourite shows on Crave TV.

How To Cancel Crave TV via Email?

Alternatively, You can also write to them to request the cancellation of your subscription with Crave TV on  [email protected] 

Please make sure to provide the required details and reason for cancellation. Once it has been submitted and accepted by their team you will receive the confirmation mail.

Frequently Asked Question

How do I cancel crave TV on Rogers?

To cancel Crave TV on Rogers, simply log into MyRogers and go to the TV section, there you will find manage channels. Select the option Unsubscribe.

Why can’t i cancel my crave subscription?

You can cancel your Crave Tv subscription anytime please refer to the article.

How to cancel Crave on Roku?

To cancel your Crave TV subscription on Roku, Go to My account on and cancel your subscription. 


With this we conclude our article on How to Cancel Crave Tv and we assure you that if you have read the article thoroughly you can cancel your subscription without a hitch.

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