How To Cancel Midjourney Subscription?

Cancel Midjourney Subscription

Artificial Intelligence embedded itself in almost every part of our lives. Today, it’s even helping in creating and enhancing artistic pieces. Midjourney is one such platform where art combines with AI and this can be done by getting a subscription. But if you don’t want to continue, you can cancel your Midjourney subscription anytime. 

Midjourney differs greatly from many other AI-generating art platforms as its autonomous bot provides unique results. Here, you can upload your artwork, and the rest is on Midjourney, which creates a masterpiece out of it. This platform is just perfect for creating some amazing artwork. 

You can easily cancel your Midjourney Subscription by giving a command for the same to the Midjourney Bot or by canceling your subscription by visiting the official site you already opened when you got the subscription. 

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How Does Midjourney Work?

Midjourney never stops exploring their thoughts or expanding their imagination to provide you with some great art pieces. The Midjourney’s interactive bot uses AI techniques to create pictures based on the text. They understand the concept you need and try to provide you with that in real.

You can try any fancy or unique idea prompt and type it in the message box of the bot and Midjourney will explore and provide you with the best results that match your description. The users also described how Midjourney takes inspiration from nature and tries creating artworks that depict and represents real-life scenarios. 

What Are Midjourney Subscription Plans?

Midjourney provides a free trial that has 25 minutes of GPU time forever. However, with this free trial, you will not have access to other benefits of the platform like personal bot chat, private visibility, metered mode, etc. To get access to these options, you will have to select one of Midjourney’s subscription plans. 

Subscription PlansCharges GPU TimePersonal Bot ChatMetered ModePrivate Visibility
Basic $10 per month200 min per monthAvailableAvailable+$20 per month
Standard $30 per month15 hrs per monthAvailableAvailable +$20 per month
Corporate$600 per year120 hrs per year AvailableAvailable Available

The three available subscription plans on Midjourney are Basic, Standard, and Corporate

1. Midjourney Basic Subscription

The Midjourney Basic Plan is a monthly subscription and will renew automatically after 30 days. You get the ability to interact with the Bot through direct messages or personal chat.

The private image visibility is available for just $20 more per month and all your private pictures will remain hidden from other users. You also get 200 minutes of GPU time per month with only a $10 monthly charge. 

2. Midjourney Standard Subscription

Another monthly subscription plan is the Standard subscription which too renews every 30 days. You get Personal Bot chat with this plan with Metered mode available for you.

Private Visibility is accessible with an additional $20 per month. You get a GPU time of 15 hrs a month at just a $30 monthly charge. 

3. Midjourney Corporate Subscription

Corporate Subscription is an annual plan charging $600 per year. With this, you get 120 hours per year of GPU time. The Private visibility of your pictures, the direct chat with the Bot, and Metered mode are also available if you purchase this plan. 

The images that are still in your direct messages are public on the web gallery. If you want to see your current status on the bot, you can do so by using the /info command.

How Can I Cancel My Midjourney Subscription?

You can cancel your Midjourney subscription by either visiting the website or by commanding the bot for the same. 

Cancel Midjourney Subscription Through Website

  • Go to Midjourney and log in to your account to cancel your subscription anytime.
  • Click on the My Account button situated at the top of the screen. 
  • Go to Art Subscriptions and look for the subscription you wish to cancel. 
  • Select the subscription to be canceled and keep scrolling the page till you see Cancellation Instructions. You will now see a form where you have to provide a detailed explanation and required information about canceling your account. 
  • After that, you can confirm the procedure by clicking on Confirm Cancellation

Cancel Midjourney Subscription Through Bot

  • As you know Midjourney operates through a bot, so if you want to cancel your subscription, you can start by sending the Midjourney bot this command- /subscribe
  • They will send you a reply text with the Open Subscription page button. 
  • Click on that button and select the plan you are using. Your plan will have a green Active button next to it. 
  • Towards the right of your plan, you will see Cancel Plan below the View details and Invoice button. 
  • Click on Cancel Plan and then Confirm Cancellation

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Cancel Midjourney Subscription- FAQs

What Is Midjourney Fast Hours? Fast Mode Vs Relaxed Mode

Midjourney has two modes for the image-generating process, the fast mode, and the relaxed mode. Fast mode gets the highest priority processing tier and provides instant GPU. Relaxed mode, as you understand, slows down your image-generating process. Fast mode is expensive and you can refer to the plans to know more about it. 

Can You Pay For Midjourney With PayPal?

No, currently Midjourney does not accept payment through PayPal, wire transfer, or options similar to them. You can only pay through the debit and credit card services that they have already selected. You can go to the Billing and Licensing tab on the website to learn more about Midjourney subscription payments.

Does Midjourney Provide Free Trial?

No, due to extreme demand, Midjourney can’t provide a free trial right now. You will have to get the subscription to use the platform.

Wrap Up

Midjourney is leading the AI-generated art platforms with its unique concept of creating a masterpiece through the bot.

You can get the subscription to get access to more of its benefits and if you no longer need it, it’s even easier to cancel. Follow the cancellation steps we discussed above and end your subscription if it isn’t required anymore. 

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