How Can You Cancel MoneyLion Plus Membership With Ease?

How Can You Cancel MoneyLion Plus

You have been using MoneyLion for a very long time and now you want to take a break from it, but MoneyLion does not allow its members to pause their subscription for a while. Then, Cancelation will only be the resort for you. Don’t Know how to cancel MoneyLion Plus? No worries, Let’s read this article. 

If you are facing some kind of financial difficulties or you are not able to save your money, then we will suggest you take the MoneyLion Plus Membership. It takes control of your financial status and provides you with the services to maintain your money and improve your financial life.

So, that your money will be saved and used for your well-being. But, if for any reason, you want to end your services with MoneyLion, then here are some steps to end your membership. 

If you have decided to cancel your MoneyLion Plus Membership, then you can do so easily online from your MoneyLion App under the Manage Membership tab. In case, if you are not able to cancel online, we have another way for you to cancel the membership which is discussed later in this article. 

How To Cancel MoneyLion Plus Membership?

As soon as you pay off your Credit Builder Plus loan in full, you can easily cancel your Credit Builder Plus or MoneyLion Plus Membership without any cancelation fee. After canceling your membership, you will lose your access to credit plus and all the benefits related to your membership. 

Follow these simple steps to cancel your MoneyLion Plus Membership. 

  • Open your MoneyLion App and tap on your profile picture
  • Select “Membership Benefits”
  • Click Settings from the top right corner of the screen
  • Click on Manage Membership
  • Follow some more steps to cancel the membership. 

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How You Can Cancel Instacash?

If you are MoneyLion Plus Subscriber, then you must own an Instacash. Instacash is a service provided by MoneyLion from which you can withdraw any advance cash whenever you require some extra funds. In short, it provides users with money as a loan. 

If you don’t want to use your Instacash anymore, then there is no way to cancel it directly. You just need to stop making use of it and that’s it!!

How Do I Cancel Auto Invest?

Follow these steps to cancel your Auto Invest.

  • Open your MoneyLion App and navigate into your Investment Account
  • Select “Auto Invest”
  • Tap on “Delete Auto Invest”
  • As a confirmation, you will get a message that your Auto Invest is deleted

Remember, instead of cancelation, you can also pause your Auto-Invest. To pause your auto-Invest, you can simply turn off your Auto Invest button from the Auto Invest screen

How To Delete MoneyLion Plus Membership Over The Phone?

If you are unable to cancel your MoneyLion Plus Membership online, then you have the option to cancel your membership by taking the help of their customer service team. Yes, to deactivate your MoneyLion Account or Membership as indicated in MoneyLion Terms & Conditions, you just need to make a call to MoneyLion Customer Service Phone Number 1-888-704-6970 and tell them to cancel your membership. You can call them at any time, 7 days a week. 

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How To Contact MoneyLion Customer Service?

In case of any assistance, you can contact to MoneyLion Customer Service team at any time. You have some possible ways to contact MoneyLion Team directly. 

By Phone: Call their customer service team at 1-888-704-6970 or call or text at +1 (516) 916-5466.

Send their team an email to their Email Address at [email protected] or use the MoneyLion Contact Form. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Unlink Bank Account From MoneyLion?

If you want to unlink your bank account then follow these steps- Tap on the three dots from your Accounts tab> Go to the More Options menu> Click on “Manage Linked Accounts”> Delete the account you want to delete. 

What To Do If MoneyLion Closed My Account?

If your Account is closed by MoneyLion Team, then to open it again, you need to call their customer service team at (801) 252-4427. 

Why You Are Unable To Delete MoneyLion Account?

If you are unable to cancel or delete your MoneyLion Account, then it means that you have not fully paid the loan available on your account yet. 

How To Stop MoneyLion From Taking Money?

The best way will stop MoneyLion from taking your money is to simply stop using the Instacash or MoneyLion Account. For this, it is best to cancel your MoneyLion Plus Membership or Account. 


However, MoneyLion takes proper control of your finances, but if you want to keep your money control to yourself, then you need to stop making use of your MoneyLion Account. For this, the best way for you is to cancel your MoneyLion Plus Membership with the steps explained clearly in this article. 

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