How To Cancel Hydrow? 3 Easy Cancellation Ways!

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You must have purchased your rowing machine and a Hydrow membership to enhance your body workout. But are you satisfied with the membership service or are you planning to terminate your subscription plan? Well, if you are for cancellation, we can help you with the effective steps and procedures. 

Hydrow provides you with the ultimate at-home rowing experience for your full-body workout to ensure complete body fitness. With Hydro Shop you can purchase machines, accessories, and apparel and the workout experience with their membership plans make you feel like you are rowing in real.

You can cancel your Hydrow membership by visiting the Hydrow Billing page by providing your registered email address. Cancellation can also be done on your iOS or Android device through Google Play Store or App Store

How Can I Cancel Hydrow?

To cancel your Hydrow membership, you will first have to navigate to the Hydrow Billing page and there, you will have to provide your Billing Email Address.  Now click on Send Sign-In Email button and this will give you access to your payment information, your billing history, and also your invoices. You can follow the steps as prompted there for membership cancellation and then terminate your membership. 

Cancel Hydrow Digital Membership on iOS

1. If you have purchased your membership on your iOS device then you can also cancel it from there. 

2. You will first have to launch the Settings application on your iOS device. 

3. Now tap on your Name and sign in to your Apple Id if you are not already logged in. 

4. Navigate to the Subscriptions section and you will see a list of all your active subscriptions. 

5. Choose your Hydrow subscription from the available options and then hit on Cancel Subscription. 

Confirm your subscription cancellation and you are done. 

Cancel Hydrow Digital Membership on Android

1. Cancellation is also possible on Android if you have purchased your subscription via Google Play Store. 

2. You can initiate by first navigating to the Google Play Store on your device. 

3. Go to the profile icon that you may find at the top right of your device page. 

4. Now, from the Menu options, select Payments & Subscriptions and then choose Subscriptions

5. From the list of your subscriptions, select Hydrow membership and then hit Manage.

6. Select the Cancel Subscription button and then Continue to confirm cancellation. 

How To Pause Hydrow Membership?

If you do not want to cancel your membership and just need a break then you can also Pause your Hydrow membership. Hydrow lets you pause your membership for about 3 months in a time period of 12 months. 

1. If you possess a yearly prepaid membership then you can get in touch with the Hydrow Member Service department and get the required contact details from there. 

2. You can also go to the Hydrow Billing page to pause your membership. 

3. Following these steps will help you put a pause on your membership and after the freeze period is over, your membership will resume accordingly. 

4. You should also contact the Hydrow Member Service department to resume your membership. 

How Can I Delete My Hydrow Account?

Hydrow lets users delete their accounts if they no longer require the services but this feature is only yet available to iOS devices. 

1. In order to delete your Hydrow account, you must first cancel your subscription to the service by following the above-mentioned steps. 

2. Now open the Hydrow mobile application on your device and move to the bottom of the screen page. 

3. You will see the Profile tab there, open the tab. 

4. It’s time to go to the Settings menu on the upper right side of the page and you can do so by tapping the gear icon. 

5. Now select Security & Privacy and from the options choose Delete My Account

6. You must read the related information that they provide to you and after that, you can Continue by choosing Delete my Hydrow Account

7. They may ask you for your email address, name, and password, so give all the information they ask for and then tap on the Delete Now button. 

Cancel Hydrow Subscription- FAQs

Can I Still Use The Hydrow Without Subscription?

The Hydrow rowers are basically purchased with a Hydrow membership and if you do not want to select the Membership option then you can go for the Just Row mode. But this version will not provide you with the membership benefits or the workout videos. 

Does Hydrow Have A Monthly Subscription?

Yes, Hydrow does offer a monthly subscription to the users. You can start with the Hydrow Digital Basic Subscription which costs about $19.99 per month. Some applicable taxes may also be added. This subscription can give you access to limited features and benefits and you can check out if you want to keep the services. 

How Can I Contact Hydrow Customer Service?

If you are having some problems with the Hydrow services or have related queries or doubts then you can get in touch with the Hydrow Support team. You can either dial their help number 1-833-449-3769 and speak to a representative regarding your problem or send them an email at [email protected]. To get more contact details, you can go to their Member Service page. 

Wrap Up

Hydrow ensures a special full-body workout with its rowing machines and memberships. However, if the membership services aren’t very satisfying for you then you can put an end to it by following the membership cancellation steps discussed above in detail. You can also contact the Hydrow Support Team for all your queries and required help. Users can also delete their accounts completely if they don’t want the services anymore. Also, cancel your Workout Anytime membership.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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