How To Cancel Best Buy Credit Card? 2 Simple Modes!

cancel best buy credit card

Are you still using your Best Buy Credit Card or do you believe that you have purchased enough products for a lifetime? Well, if you have no plans to continue using your Best Buy Credit Card then we can help you cancel it through easy and authenticated steps of termination. 

Best Buy is the one shop for all your electronic items requirements where you can purchase computers and other appliances, video games, cell phones, and several other tech products. With the help of the Best Buy Credit Card, you can get some better financing options and receive numerous rewards on the products that you purchase. 

If you wish to cancel your Best Buy Credit Card, you will have to contact the Best Buy Customer Service department by dialing their Support Number and they will help you with cancellation. 

Cancel Best Buy Credit Card- Terms & Conditions

You can cancel your Best Buy Credit Card anytime you feel like and that can reduce or lower your credit score. Also, the cards have a $0 annual fee so it is all up to you to choose to either open or close your card. Also, even if you cancel your card, that does not mean that you won’t have to pay your remaining balances. Although they let you cancel your card even if it has some balance remaining, you will still have to pay it completely. 

How Can I Cancel Best Buy Credit Card?

You will be able to cancel your Best Buy Credit Card by getting in contact with their Customer Support department. 

1. You can contact the Best Buy Support team by giving them a call at (888) 574-1301

2. Make sure that you already have your account number as they may ask you to provide the same. 

3. After following the steps as they say, they will connect you to a Best Buy representative who will further handle your cancellation. 

4. You can request the representative to cancel your Best Buy Credit Card and you may even be asked a reason for that. 

5. Give them your cancellation reason and stay determined as they might try to keep you away from cancellation.

6. Provide your card or account details as they ask and they will terminate your credit card. 

Cancel Best Buy Credit Card Via Email

You may even try contacting the Best Buy support team through email to request to cancel your credit card. 

1. Launch the default email application of your device and make sure you are logged in to the account that is registered to Best Buy. 

2. Now compose an email for your cancellation and in the subject box, add Request To Cancel Best Buy Credit Card

3. In the email Body section, elaborate that you wish to cancel your Best Buy Credit Card and make sure to provide all the details of your card and account that they may need to confirm your cancellation. 

4. When you are done with the email, send it to [email protected]. The representatives will soon get back to you regarding your request. 

Cancel Best Buy Credit Card- FAQs

How To Freeze Best Buy Credit Card?

If you want to Freeze your Best Buy Credit Card then you will have to contact their Customer Service department and they will provide you with the help you need. Call their Service team at (888) 574-1301 and a representative will walk you through the effective steps to freeze your card. 

Can I Cancel My Best Buy Card Online?

No, Best Buy does not yet provide an option for customers to cancel their Best Buy card online. To make a cancellation, you will have to contact their service team via a phone call or by sending them an email for the same. For the time being, there is no online Best Buy Card cancellation method available.

Will My Best Buy Credit Card Close If I Don’t Use It? What Happens If I Don’t Use My Best Buy Credit Card?

Yes, long-term inactivity or some suspicious activities on your Best Buy Credit Card can close your card. Missed payments may also lead to the closing of your account. You must contact the Best Buy Help Department for more details and they will give you a complete scenario of your current card situation and what can happen to it due to a long inactivity. 

Wrap Up

Best Buy presents its own Credit Card to Customers for rewards and benefits on shopping for electronics and other items through Best Buy. But if you don’t want to continue with the credit card for your purchases then you can cancel it easily by going through the above-discussed cancellation steps. You will be able to cancel your credit card by following those options and can also contact Best Buy Support for more related queries or information. You can also cancel your Forever 21 Credit Card.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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