Course Hero Cancel Subscription In 5 Easy Ways!

Course Hero Cancel Subscription

Since, Covid 19, digital platforms have made a lot of progress in the market and are still doing, even students are also shifted to online education and preferred mostly to study through educational website courses. Even they don’t even mind taking their subscription and continuing their studies in this era of online learning with them.

Many educational websites along with Course Hero gradually made an important place in the market and in the life of students. Many students are further enhancing their studies by subscribing to it and after being done with their courses they are finding ways how to cancel their Course Hero Subscription. 

Course Hero Subscription can be canceled with these basic steps- 

  • Open Course Hero’s official website
  • Select “Account Settings”
  • Click on the “Stop Recurring Membership”

What Is Course Hero?

Course Hero is an online American learning platform or website which is to help students in their education by providing them access to study materials and specific online courses along with documents or study pdf uploaded by other students and educators. If provides you with free as well as paid learning (in the form of a subscription).

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You can access a lot of study materials even in its free version but you can also take its membership if you want to. Course Hero Premium Membership provides you with some necessary and extra benefits as compared to its free version. 

How Does Course Hero Subscription Work?

Course Hero provides you with its membership (quarterly, monthly, and annually) which will be very beneficial for college students, as its membership unlocks various useful features for you like  40 tutor questions, 30 unlocks per month, and many more features which enhance your learning. 

You can take its subscription according to your preference and become its premier member. To ensure that your service is not interrupted, its subscription works on the “Recurring Payments” method. According to your subscription plan, your plan will automatically be renewed at the end of each time period. 

For example: If you take its monthly subscription, at the end of the month, you will automatically receive your another month’s membership and your credit card will be charged. 

Can You Cancel Your Course Hero Subscription At Any Time?

You can cancel your Course Hero Subscription at any time before the next recurring charge is made. In short, you are only allowed to cancel your recurring payments at any time. 

Canceling its subscription simply prevents you from being charged for the next period

Course Hero Cancel Subscription From Web

For those users who have taken the subscription to Course Hero from its official website, their subscription cancelation will also have to be done by visiting the website. 

Here are the steps to cancel its subscription from the Website:

  • Log in to from your browser
  • Then in the top right corner, go to your profile icon
  • Select “Account Settings” from the menu
  • Click on the “Stop Recurring Membership” button
  • Your subscription is canceled

Course Hero Cancel Subscription From An iOS Device

If you take Course Hero Subscription from any iOS device, then you can only cancel its subscription only from an iTunes account but make sure that you should only log in from the same Apple ID which was used at the time of taking the subscription. 

Here are the steps to cancel its subscription from an iOS

  • Open App Store
  • Click on your profile from the top right corner
  • Click on the “Subscriptions”
  • To get access to your subscriptions, click on your Apple ID name card from the top 
  • Navigate to “Subscriptions”, which will open the list of your all current and previous subscriptions
  • Tap on the “Course Hero” option from the list of subscriptions
  • Click on “Cancel Subscription”

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Course Hero Cancel Subscription From An Android Device

If you take a Course Hero Subscription from an Android device, then you can only cancel its subscription from the google play store. You just need to open the same google account which was used at the time of taking the subscription.

Here are the steps to cancel its subscription from an Android device

  • Open the google play store with your account
  • Click on your profile from the screen
  • Click on “Payments and Subscriptions” from the menu
  • Then, go to “Subscriptions”
  • Open “Course Hero” from the list of subscriptions
  • Select “Cancel Subscription”
  • Again tap, “Cancel Subscription” for confirmation

Course Hero Cancel Subscription Using Request Form

Steps to cancel your subscription from the request form are explained below:

  • Go to “Course Hero Customer Support Page”
  • Tap on the “Contact Us” button
  • Your category is “Billing” and your Issue type is “Cancelation Request” by default (If not, then do so)
  • Type “Request To Cancel My Account Subscription” in the description box
  • Enter your credentials (name, email address, and credit card details)
  • Attach the screenshot of your bill. (If available, otherwise not mandatory)
  • Hit the “Submit” button
  • Your cancelation request is submitted to their support team

Course Hero Cancel Subscription By Mail

You can easily send your cancelation request to their support team by email with these steps

  • Open your Email, which is registered to Course Hero Account
  • Click on the “Compose” button for new mail
  • Type “Request To Cancel My Course Hero Subscription” in the subject
  • Type your email for canceling a subscription with all the necessary information like username, mobile number, etc.
  • Send it to [email protected] by tapping on the “Send” button

Note: You will get a notification of canceling your subscription in your Email.

What Happens After Canceling Course Hero Subscription

After canceling your Course Hero Subscription, you automatically return to your basic account. If you are a premier member and would like to delete your account from the Course Hero Platform, you can’t even do that unless you cancel your membership. 

After cancelation, you can delete your Course Hero Account. After deletion, all your uploaded documents are not removed from there. You will need to contact the Course Hero Support Team for the removal of your documents from their website. 

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How To Delete Course Hero Account?

You can only cancel your free Course Hero Account. If you have an active subscription plan on Course Hero, then you need to first cancel its subscription, then after cancelation when your account comes into a basic account (free account) then you can go with its deletion process.

Here are the steps to delete the Course Hero free account.

  • Login to your account
  • Click on your profile icon
  • Select “Account Settings”
  • Click on the “Delete Account” button
  • Confirm your deletion from the pop-up window

Note: You will not get any refund if you delete your account before the end of your subscription term.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Cancel Your Subscription?

Cancelation can take up to 7 working days to take effect, so it’s best to cancel ahead of time before your next billing period. Before canceling, you need to pay any remaining fees. 

Does Course Hero Offer A Refund?

Yes, Course Hero offers a refund for a new renewal subscription if you have not used any of its subscription features. 

Suppose, you forgot to cancel your subscription, and your plan is automatically renewed for the next period, then in that case you can immediately request for cancelation and refund. If you have not violated the rules and regulations of Course Hero, then you will get your refund within 1 day. 


Upgrade your learning abilities with Course Hero by taking its subscription without worrying about its cancelation. Just remember, you can cancel your membership at any time before its new renewal.

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