How To Cancel Guitar Center Credit Card?

Cancel Guitar Center Credit Card

Guitar Center offers a Gear Card (Credit Card) to their customers to easily manage their finances. But there comes a time when you no longer require this card and you wish to cancel it. 

Guitar Center is the world’s largest company that sells a variety of musical instruments like guitars, drums, keyboards, DJs, etc. With the help of their Gear Card, anyone can afford to purchase the instruments using easy financing options.

However, if you believe that the Credit Card is no longer serving the purpose to you. You can easily cancel The Guitar Center Credit Card using any of the methods mentioned in this article.

How To Cancel Guitar Center Credit Card Over The Phone?

The Guitar Center Credit Card comes with various benefits like deferred interest, rewards, and flexible financing options. But if you have finally decided to cancel it, you need to contact their service team by calling this number 855-458-1036. It is important to pay off all remaining balance if there is any, otherwise, you can not move further in the process.

Dial the number on your smartphone and follow the prompts to connect with one of their service representatives. You can inform the representative that you wish to cancel your credit card. Then they will offer you some bonus or rewards because they do not want you to cancel. But you should give them valid reasons for cancelation. Provide the necessary details and your card will be canceled successfully.

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How To Cancel Guitar Center Credit Card Via Online?

Guitar Center allows its customers to easily manage their Gear Card account online. To cancel your Guitar Center Credit Card online, follow the instructions given below:

  1. Head to this Website.
  2. Log in with the username and password to access your account 
  3. Navigate to my account and services
  4. Select the card you wish to cancel
  5. Follow the prompts to cancel the card
  6. Provide the reason and necessary details to confirm

After successful cancelation, a confirmation mail will be sent to your registered email address. You should also follow up to confirm if it is canceled or not.

How To Cancel Guitar Center Credit Card Via Email?

Cancelling a credit card via email will take a little more time but it is one of the effective methods. You can reach out to the customer service team of Guitar Center to submit a request to cancel your Credit Card. You need to compose an email formally and send it to [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Contact Number Of Guitar Center Customer Service?

You can reach out to the customer service of Guitar Center at this number 866-396-8254.

What Is The Email Address of Guitar Center?

You can send your queries, concerns, or complaints to Guitar Center at [email protected]


Guitar Center has solutions for all your musical instrument needs and the company also provides easy financing options with their Gear Card. Despite having numerous benefits after some time the card can be useless to some people. 

In that situation, it is better to cancel the Guitar Center Credit card which can be done easily by using any of the ways discussed in this article.

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