How To Cancel eBay Credit Card?

Cancel eBay Credit Card

It seems like you have used your eBay Credit Card a lot and now you hardly shop from eBay. So, you might be thinking of canceling your eBay Credit Card. No Worries!! We will cover that topic for you. 

You can earn more rewards or points every time you shop with eBay Mastercard. eBay is the most popular shopping website where you can purchase as well as sell your items. When you shop on eBay with an eBay Credit Card, you will get some extra benefits. 

To cancel your eBay Credit Card you only need to contact your card issuer or make a call to the eBay Mastercard service center team. 

How To Cancel eBay Credit Card?

If you are thinking of canceling your eBay Credit Card, then there is only one way from which you can cancel the eBay Credit Card and that is by seeking help from the eBay Mastercard customer service team. 

To contact the eBay Mastercard team, you have to make a call at (844) 435-0237 and request their team representative to cancel your eBay Credit Card. 

Make sure that there is no balance left on your credit card before you submit a cancelation request. Use all of the earned rewards and points of your eBay Credit Card otherwise, you will face difficulty while canceling. 

After getting all of your Credit Card information, the eBay Mastercard team will cancel your Credit Card permanently and you will no longer be able to access it again. 

How To Delete Credit Card From eBay?

Follow these steps to delete your Credit Card details from your eBay Account- 

  1. Login to the eBay Account first by going to the eBay Website
  2. Go to Your Account Settings
  3. Select Payment Options under Account Settings
  4. On the next page, you will get to see your Credit Card details
  5. Click on the Delete Button next to the selected Credit Card
  6. Again tap the Delete button for confirmation
  7. The Credit Card will not appear on your eBay Page after deletion. 

How To Remove Card From eBay App?

Follow these steps to remove your Credit Card from the eBay App-

  1. Open the eBay App
  2. Click on the My eBay button
  3. Select Payments from the drop-down menu
  4. Tap on the Delete option next to the Credit Card you wanna remove
  5. Again, tap Delete from the pop-up options menu

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Contact eBay Customer Service?

To contact the eBay customer service team you can go to the eBay Contact page and explore assistance according to your criteria. For eBay Mastercard support, contact them at (844) 435-0237. 

How Do I Change My Personal Information On My eBay Mastercard Account?

Steps to change your personal information on eBay Mastercard Account- Login to the account at> Select “Profile”> Make the Changes> Click on Save Updates.  


Remember, that canceling your eBay Credit Card is free of cost. You can close your eBay Credit Account at any time by making a call on the above-mentioned number and without having to pay any cancelation fee, your Credi Card will be closed immediately.

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