How To Cancel Pandabuy Order? Easy Steps To Cancel!!

How To Cancel Pandabuy Order? Easy Steps To Cancel!!

Do you want to cancel your Pandabuy order that you placed accidentally? No worries, the cancelation process of the Pandabuy is quite simple, and you can do so on your own. Wanna know how? Let’s read this entire article. 

Pandabuy is an agent service company that allows you to purchase products directly from China. It is a kind of agent company between international customers and China Marketplace. 

You can cancel your Pandabuy order from your Pandabuy Account by tapping on the Cancel order option and confirming the cancelation. 

Can You Cancel An Order From Pandabuy?

Yes, you can easily cancel your Pandabuy order. Make sure that you are quick in your cancelation as once the agent takes the order, it becomes difficult to cancel it. 

How To Cancel Pandabuy Order?

Follow these steps to cancel your Pandabuy Order online- 

  1. Login to your Pandabuy Account
  2. Select your Profile icon from the top of the screen 
  3. Choose User Center from the drop-down options
  4. Under User Center, click the Order option 
  5. All of your Order Details will be shown to you
  6. Select the Order you want to cancel 
  7. Then, tap on the Cancel Order option 
  8. Choose the reason for canceling the order
  9. Select the item to cancel and tap the Confirm button from the bottom 
  10. After that, your order will be canceled and your refund will be issued to you. 

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How To Cancel A Purchased Pandabuy Order?

Follow these steps to cancel the Pandabuy order if the status is purchased- 

  1. Login to your Pandabuy Account or open the Pandabuy App
  2. Select the Profile Icon
  3. Navigate to the Order option 
  4. Choose the Aftersale option 
  5. Fill out the request form to cancel the order 
  6. Your cancelation process will take up to 3 days to confirm your cancelation 
  7. Pandabuy send the request to the seller to cancel your order
  8. If the seller accepts the cancel request, then your order will be canceled and you will get a refund. 

How To Delete Pandabuy Account?

If you no longer want to continue shopping from Pandabuy, then follow these steps to delete your Pandabuy Account. 

  1. Open the Pandabuy App and login to your account
  2. Click on the Account tab
  3. From the top right, go to the Settings option 
  4. Scroll down to the Settings and tap on the option Close Account 
  5. Select the reason for deleting the account
  6. Hit on the Next button 
  7. You will get a verification code on your registered Email Address for closing your account
  8. Type the Verification code and hit the Confirm button 
  9. With this, your Pandabuy Account will be closed or deleted permanently. 

How To Get A Refund On Pandabuy?

Successfully canceled your Pandabuy Order? Here’s what you need to do to get a refund on Pandabuy. 

  1. Login to your Pandabuy Account
  2. Click on your Profile from the top 
  3. Go to your Orders and Cancel the order
  4. After your order is canceled successfully, your refund will be initiated
  5. Normally, your refund will be sent to your Pandabuy Account balance
  6. When your refund is sent to your Pandabuy Account balance, you can either use that balance to purchase another product or simply withdraw money from your Balance Account

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Cancel Pandabuy Order In the Warehouse?

You can cancel the order with the same steps (as mentioned for canceling the purchased Pandabuy order) if your order status is “Stored in Warehouse”. 

Does Pandabuy Refund To Card?

Normally, the refund can be sent to the Pandabuy Balance Account and you will withdraw the money from Pandabuy Balance Account to your original account. 

How To Contact The Pandabuy Customer Service?

For any kind of help related to your Pandabuy order or account, you can visit the Pandabuy Help Center and get solutions to your issues. 


With this, you must have known, how easy it is to cancel your Pandabuy Order. Just follow the steps to cancel the order carefully and you will be refunded back for your canceled order.

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