How To Cancel Postcode Lottery?

Cancel Postcode Lottery

Subscriptions have become an important part of our life, offering access to a wide range of services. While signing up for a subscription is very easy, canceling them can sometimes be a bit more challenging. 

People’s Postcode Lottery provides financial assistance to charitable organizations by giving 33% of their ticket sales to them. Subscribers get monetary prizes and also contribute to good causes. 

In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to cancel the postcode lottery Subscription. 

How To Cancel Postcode Lottery Online?

You can cancel your subscription with People’s Postcode Lottery by contacting their customer care or by submitting a request form online.

You can easily cancel your subscription with a postcode lottery. In order to do so you need to visit their official website and then fill out a request to cancel form. Follow the instructions below to fill out the form online:

  1. Visit the official website of Postcode Lottery 
  2. Head to the “request to cancel” page 
  3. Enter your details, contact information, and ticket details
  4. Click on Continue 
  5. Select the reason for cancelation
  6. Then click confirm to submit the request 

Your subscription will be canceled immediately and you will receive a confirmation message.

How To Cancel Postcode Lottery Over the Phone?

If you wish to cancel your subscription with Postcode Lottery, You can contact their service team on this toll-free number 0808 109 8765.

When your call is connected with one of the customer service representatives, you may request them to cancel your subscription. Provide your details, contact information, and ticket details along with the reason for cancelation. 

Once your subscription has been successfully canceled, you will receive a confirmation via text or email on your registered email ID. 

How To Get a Refund in Postcode Lottery?

Unfortunately, People’s Postcode Lottery does not have any refund policy. You will not receive a refund for the subsequent draw if you have already made the payment for it.

So make sure to cancel your subscription on time and check all the payments and lottery results before submitting a cancelation request. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Check Postcode Lottery Results?

To Check whether your postcode has won or not, go to their official website and head to lottery results. Now enter your postcode and click on “Check Lottery Results”.

What is Postcode Lottery’s Request to Cancel Form?

It is a request form available on their website that is used for canceling the postcode lottery subscription. 

Which Postcode Has Won the Most Times on Postcode Lottery?

Telford (TF) has won the most times on the postcode lottery.


Canceling a subscription can be a hassle sometimes, but following these steps can make the process smoother.

By being cautious and mindful, you can efficiently manage your subscriptions and prevent unauthorized charges for services that you no longer require.

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