How To Cancel ACLU Donation? 2 Simple Ways To Cancel!

cancel aclu donation

You might have already made your donations to ACLU from your part for securing and ensuring the rights of the citizens. But what if you don’t feel like continuing with the donation you made? Well, in that case, you are allowed to make cancellations at any time and we can help you with the related information. 

ACLU or the American Civil Liberties Union claims to be the nation’s guardian of liberty. The ACLU helps citizens by working in the courts and legislatures, and also in communities to defend individual rights and preserve them. They preserve the rights and liberties that are guaranteed to every citizen in this country by the U.S. Laws and Constitution. 

To cancel your ACLU donation, you will have to contact them via phone call by dialing  888-567-ACLU. You can speak to a representative and request them for cancellation. You can also send an email regarding your request to ACLU and they will help you with that. 

How Can I Cancel ACLU Donation?

You can easily cancel your donation to ACLU by giving them a call or sending them an email for the same. 

Cancel ACLU Via Phone Call

1. You can cancel your ACLU donation by dialing their Support department contact numbers. 

2. Dial the ACLU help number at 888-567-ACLU or give a call at (212) 549-2543

3. You will be connected to an ACLU representative. Request them to cancel your donation to ACLU. 

4. Give them all the information they ask for including your personal, membership details, and donation details. 

It may take them about three business days to process your cancellation request. 

Cancel ACLU Via Email

1. You must call the help team for cancellation but if the above procedure doesn’t work for you, you can try sending them an email for your request. 

2. Launch the email application on your device and head to compose an email.

3. In the Subject Box, you can add Request To Cancel ACLU Donation. 

4. Give details of your donation and also the required personal information and ask them to cancel it. 

5. When you are done composing the email, you can send it to [email protected] 

They will get back to you soon as they receive your email request. 

Cancel ACLU Donation- FAQs

How Can I Change My ACLU Donation Or Update My Payment Method?

If you wish, you can make changes to the amount of your monthly gift payment to ACLU and change or update your payment method by giving them a call at 888-567-ACLU. You can also visit the ACLU Org. page to make your changes or updates accordingly. 

Can ACLU Donations Be Deducted?

No, contributions or donations made to the American Civil Liberties Union are not tax deductible. You can make your donations to ACLU and if you want, you can also change or update your payments or even cancel it anytime. 

How Do I Remove Myself From The ACLU Mailing List?

If you don’t wish to get any more mails from the ACLU then you can unsubscribe from their mailing list. You can also make changes to your subscription preferences by contacting them at [email protected]. You can also give a call at (212) 549-2585 and request the representative to remove you from the ACLU mailing list. 

How Can I Contact ACLU Customer Service?

If you are having some issues with your donations or have any other related queries or doubts then you can talk to their customer support team representative for the same. Dial the ACLU help number 1 (212) 549-2500 and speak to them regarding your query and they will surely help you. Visit the ACLU Contact Us page for more details. 

Wrap Up

ACLU claims to protect the rights of the citizens, especially those who have never been provided with any such benefits. You can make your donations to ACLU as per your choice but if you have already made a donation and want to cancel it then follow the above-mentioned steps and terminate your contribution. You can also make changes to your donation or update the payment methods. For more related questions, you can get in touch with their Customer Service team and they will provide you with the best help. 

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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