How To Cancel E Transfer RBC? Here Are 2 Easy Fixes!

Cancel E Transfer RBC

Sending money to your family or friends online is a very common and easy process. But sometimes we tend to make some errors. Have you also entered the wrong Email address, wrong amount, or incorrect information? Don’t worry! Whatever the reason could be, We’ll help you out.

RBC, Royal Bank of Canada is one of the largest banks in Canada and is one of the leading North American financial companies. It provides all kinds of banking services like insurance, managing finances, personal and commercial banking, etc. to its clients.

If you are an RBC account holder,  you can cancel your E-Transfer by following the steps in this article. If the recipient has not accepted the fund into their account, RBC account holders can still cancel the E-transfer.

How to Cancel E-transfer on RBC Mobile App ?

To cancel an E Transfer on the mobile app of RBC, You need to first log in to your account on the RBC mobile app. 

Check your payment history and after locating the transfer you wish to cancel, tap cancel transfers. 

If you do not see the cancel option there, it means that the recipient is registered for the Auto deposit and the funds have already been transferred to the receiver’s account. In that case, the transfer can not be canceled or reversed.

How to Cancel an E-transfer on RBC In Online Banking? 

How to Cancel an E-transfer on RBC In Online Banking? 

If the receiver has not accepted the funds yet, you still have 30 days to cancel the E Transfer. The used Avion points will also be transferred back to your Avion account.

So what you need to do is just open your web browser and log in to the online banking. 

Go to the account summary page and then select payment history. Now all that you would need to do is select the transaction that you want to cancel. 

There would be some instructions on the screen so follow them accordingly to cancel the E Transfer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Cancel My RBC Auto Deposit?

Sign in to your RBC online banking to update or cancel E Transfer auto deposit. You need to go to the auto deposit section and simply click on the edit option to update changes or cancel the auto deposit.

How Do You Check All e-Transfer History on RBC?

You can check all your payment history on RBC online banking by simply going to the payment history. You can also check the status of your current transfer.

Can We Cancel or Modify Payments on RBC?

Yes, You can easily cancel or modify your payments on RBC through online banking. You just need to find the cancel payments option under manage payments and transfer.


You can send money to anyone using E-transfer who has an account in any financial institution using their registered mobile number or email address. 

But if you have made any mistakes or you just want to cancel the transfer due to any reason, with the help of this article you will be able to cancel your E transfer on RBC easily.

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