How To Cancel Chefs Plate?

Cancel Chefs Plate

With the constantly changing world, our meal preferences and dietary choices also keep changing. If you are a Chefs Plate member and you wish to cancel your subscription, you can cancel the subscription anytime with a few easy steps.

Chefs Plate is a Toronto-based company that provides Meal Kits delivered in less than 30 minutes. You can choose from the weekly menu and get the fresh ingredients along with the recipes delivered to your doorstep. It saves you a lot of time and you do not need to go grocery shopping.

The subscription with the Chefs Plate can be canceled by contacting them at 1 (855) 420-2327. We completely understand that you may not be satisfied with the food or service or due to any other reason you are planning to cancel the subscription. 

Read the article below to learn more ways to cancel your subscription to the Chefs Plate.  

How To Cancel Chefs Plate Online?

If you want to take a break, you can skip meals by simply going to the menu and choosing a week or day to skip. 

But if you want to cancel the subscription you can log in to the website with your account details and go to settings. Choose the option Deactivate your plan and then tap cancel anyway. 

Now you need to enter the reason for the cancellation and then click on Deactivate now.  Your subscription will be canceled successfully.

How To Cancel Chefs Plate via Calling?

In order to cancel your subscription with the Chefs Plate, You just need to contact the customer care agents of Chefs Plate by dialing 1 (855) 420-2327

Speak with the customer service representative and tell them you would like to cancel your subscription.

How To Cancel Chefs Plate via Email?

If you do not wish to call the customer care agents, you can reach out to them by writing an email regarding the cancellation of your subscription on their email id [email protected].

How To Cancel Chefs Plate Using Live Chat?

You can cancel your subscription using the Live Chat option in minutes. Simply log in to the Chefs Plate website and at the bottom on the right corner you will find a Live Chat option.

You might need to verify your identity which can be done via email. After the verification process, you will receive the confirmation regarding the permanent deletion of your account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Track Your Chefs Plate Delivery?

Yes, You can track your delivery orders on the chef’s plate but this depends on the area. Some of the customers receive a notification that includes the tracking information. 

Can We Get Refunds From Chefs Plate?

Yes, you can expect a full refund if you have received any defective item which includes your delivery charges as well.
When you cancel your subscription, after the confirmation of account deletion and checking if you are eligible for the refund, you will get a full refund within 30 days.

Can We Cancel Chefs Plate The Subscription via Email?

Yes, You can easily cancel the Chefs Plate using their email. You can write to them [email protected].


Chefs Plate is known for its fresh farm ingredients and its variety of recipes. It has made cooking at home very easy and convenient. It is making continuous efforts to get better. Chefs Plate will be happy to serve you if you wish to return. 

In the above article, we have explained thoroughly the process and step-by-step guide for cancellation of the Chefs Plate subscription. Since the deletion of the account is permanent, you will not be able to recover your data or the saved information.

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