How To Cancel Bright Money Membership? 3 Effective Methods!!

How To Cancel Bright Money Membership? 3 Effective Methods!!

You are finally come to this position where you need to delete your Bright Money Account. For this, you have to cancel Bright Money membership with the steps mentioned in this article. 

Bright Money is a wonderful platform or app that helps you lower your debts and enhance your credit scores. Still, some people, found out that it has no effect on your credits. So, they end up canceling their Bright Money Membership. 

You can cancel your Bright Money Membership by sending your cancellation request to the customer service team via Email at [email protected]

Other than that, we have 2 more ways for you to cancel the membership effectively, which are discussed later in this article. Make sure you read this article up to its end.

How To Cancel Bright Money Membership?

To end your Bright Money Membership, you need to get in touch with their customer support service team. We have a few methods for you to reach out to their team and make your cancelation possible. 

All these methods are working and you will surely end up canceling your membership if you follow the steps properly. So, Let’s read them out carefully. 

Cancel Bright Money Membership Via Email

So, if you finally decided to cancel your Bright Money membership, we made it easy for you, to cancel it by sending an Email to their Service team. 

Yes, that’s possible!! Just compose a simple cancelation Email to submit your request to cancel the Bright Money Membership. 

Make sure that the Email is well-composed and should contain all the membership information that will be needed by their team member for cancelation. 

Finally, send the Email to [email protected] and wait for the Email confirmation from their team. 

Cancel Bright Money Membership Via Live Chat

How To Cancel Bright Money Membership? 3 Effective Methods- Cancel Bright Money Membership Via Live Chat

You also get a Live Chat option on Bright Money Website to contact their service team. You can also use this chatting feature to seek assistance from your team in canceling the membership. 

Tap on the Live Chat icon from the bottom right side of the screen and choose the “Membership” option to begin the chat. 

Get connected with their virtual team agent on a chat and ask them to cancel your membership. Your matter will be taken into consideration and they will help you in it. 

Cancel Bright Money Membership On Call

Making a call to the Bright Money Customer Service Team is another method to submit your membership cancelation request. 

For this, just call the Bright Money Customer Service Number at +1 877-274-6494 and ask for their team’s assistance in canceling your membership. 

That’s it !! All you have to do is this. Further cancelation process will be carried out by their team member.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Get A Bright Money Refund?

For all refund requests or if you need any kind of information related to your refund, then you need to contact Bright Money Refund Phone Number at +1 877-274-6494. You can also email to [email protected] 

Why Is Bright Money Taking Money Out Of My Account?

Bright Money takes some amount of money from your account to make your future card payments and to maintain your savings. 

How To Contact Bright Money Customer Service?

You can get in touch with their customer service team via Live Chat Support, phone number (+1 877-274-6494), Email: [email protected]
You can send written queries to Bright Capital Inc., 50 California St., Suite 1621 San Francisco CA 94111. 


We hope that the above-mentioned methods to cancel the Bright Money Membership will also be helpful to you and you will end up with your membership cancelation. Don’t forget to inform us later in the comments. Thank You!!

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