How To Cancel Delta Ticket | Get Refund Delta

Cancel Delta Ticket | Get Refund Delta

Last-minute changes in your vacation plans?

Delta provides you with the option to cancel your flight tickets before the departure and also provides you a full refund if you are eligible.

Delta Air Lines is one of the world’s oldest airlines with its headquarters in Georgia. It is known for its innovation, customer service, and sustainability. You can easily plan your vacations with Delta.

If you wish to cancel your flight tickets and apply for a full refund, refer to the article for an in-depth understanding of the process of cancelling the tickets with Delta.

How To Cancel Your Delta Ticket Online?

Canceling a flight ticket is a very effortless and hassle-free process. Log in to their website and follow the steps below:

1. Find your Flight confirmation number  

Whenever you book a ticket you receive a confirmation email which consists of your Confirmation Number. Open your email box and locate your Flight receipt.

2. Find Your Trip

Login to the website and in the My Trips section, locate the trip you wish to cancel by entering the confirmation number. 

3. Start the Cancellation process

In the trip details, there is an option Need To Cancel? You need to confirm that you want to cancel. Your ticket will be canceled successfully.

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How To Cancel Your Delta Ticket on Mobile App?

You can also cancel your flights with Delta using their mobile application Fly Delta. Go to My Trips and select the Trips you want to cancel and within a few minutes, your tickets will be cancelled.

To maintain the value of your tickets, you must only make changes or cancel your tickets before the departure using the Fly Delta app.

How To Cancel Your Delta Ticket via Call?

For the U.S. and Canadian citizens, You can directly call the Delta Reservation Sales at 800-847-0578. People from other countries must locate a number of their own areas.

Speak with the customer representative and request them to cancel your flight tickets and if you are eligible for the refund, you can request for the refund as well.

How To Get Refund on Delta?

How To Get Refund on Delta?

Now that you are already acquainted with the cancellation process of Delta Trips. You obviously want to know how you can get a full refund for your ticket.

Let us walk you through the Delta Airlines Cancellation policy and provide the relevant information.

What you need to know first is whether Is your ticket refundable.

If your ticket is refundable, you can visit My Trips online and apply for the refund. Your refund will be deposited in your original payment account.

If your ticket is non-refundable, then you will have to pay the cancellation charges and the rest of the amount will be credited to your account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Delta Customer Care Number?

To speak with the customer service representative you can call the given number 00 1 800-221-1212.

Does Delta have a compensation policy?

Yes, they do have it if you have booked directly from or the fly delta app. They offer 24-hour risk-free cancellation which means after booking you will have 24 hours to cancel and get a full refund.


Delta Air Lines Provides options to cancel and full refund to the eligible customers. You can also change or modify your tickets if your plans have changed. So with the help of this article, you can now cancel or modify your tickets with Delta Air Lines without any difficulty.

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