How To Cancel Busch Gardens Membership?

Cancel Busch Gardens

Have you already made too many visits to Busch Gardens that this place brings no excitement to you and your family anymore? Then why would you keep yourself signed up for it? You should immediately cancel your Busch Gardens membership and look for something new that would excite you.

People who love to visit amusement parks on regular basis should definitely check out the membership plans of Busch Gardens through which they can have access to Busch Gardens throughout the year and visit the place with their family through the free guest tickets. But no one can be happy visiting the same place over and over again, right?

To cancel your Busch Gardens membership, you can either directly visit the cashier window of Busch Gardens (Zone A) and ask them to terminate your membership, or just call on the customer support number of Busch Gardens to request them to cancel it right away. 

Now, let us just get through the proper procedure of cancelation in detail for your Busch Gardens membership along with their policies, so keep reading the article. 

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What Is Busch Gardens Cancelation Policy?

As per the cancelation policy officially mentioned by Busch Gardens, the members are allowed to cancel or change their membership at least 24 hours prior to their upcoming reservation. 

Once this time slot has passed, you will be charged the applicable fee. And also in case of higher ticket prices, the additional costs shall be applicable at the time of cancelation. 

How To Cancel Your Busch Gardens Membership?  

If you believe that you do not need to go to Busch Gardens for the time being but might want the access later, then you should not go for completely delete your Busch Gardens account, instead, just cancel your membership to this park. 

There are presentably two reliable ways in which your membership to Busch Gardens can be revoked and we have discussed them both right here, so you can just check them out. 

How To Cancel Your Busch Gardens Membership In Person?

And, if you want to get your membership to Busch Gardens terminated without any penalty charged for it, then you can just do that on your next visit to Busch Gardens. 

So, the next time you go to Busch Gardens, you have to go to the cashier window of the park which is at Zone A.

Make sure that the day you have chosen to cancel your membership is a regular operating day for Busch Gardens and you can ask the cashier to terminate your membership to the park. 

Make sure that you have brought your Membership Pass along with you at the time of cancelation as it will be required to terminate the membership successfully. 

How To Cancel Your Busch Gardens Membership Over The Phone?  

You can also contact the customer service of Busch Gardens if you are not planning to visit the place physically.

For this, you just need to dial the number 813-884-4386 which is the official customer support number of Busch Gardens and you will be connected to their representative who you can talk to and explain that you no longer wish to continue your subscription to Busch Gardens. 

Provide them with all the necessary details related to your membership so that they can easily process your request and then your membership shall soon be terminated. 

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How Do I Delete Busch Gardens Account? 

If you are sure that you are never going to need a membership to Busch Gardens because you are really tired of this place now, then it is better that you just completely cancel your account on Busch Gardens. 

Here are the simple steps that you will be required to follow if you want to delete your account on Busch Gardens.

1. First, you need to go to the email account that you have registered with your Busch Gardens account.

2. You will be required to compose a mail with the subject “Request to delete my account”.

3. Now, in the body, enter all the details necessary related to your Busch Gardens Account and state that you wish to delete your account permanently.

4. Once the email is composed properly, send it to the official email address of the Busch Gardens customer service which is [email protected].

5. Now, just wait for them to process your email request and you will soon receive a confirmation email on the successful termination of your Busch Gardens account. 

How To Modify Your Busch Gardens Membership?

If you want to make changes to your membership on Busch Gardens, then you can do that online by following the steps that we have mentioned right below. 

1. Head to the EZpay management system of Busch Gardens and log in to your account or create one if you haven’t yet. 

2. Then, head to the “EZpay” tab on your account.

3. You will see a list of all your EZpay memberships listed to the left side of the screen along with a link for updating your card. 

4. Click on the link and you will be able to update the card information that you have entered into your Busch Gardens membership. 

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Wrapping Up

We hope that with the help of our guide, you were easily able to cancel or manage your membership to Busch Gardens and that you also have found a much better amusement park where you are going to enjoy double the experience you had at Busch Gardens.

And once you are fed up with the next one too, you can ask us for assistance in canceling its membership as well. 

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