How To Cancel Craftsy Membership On Any Device?

Cancel Craftsy Membership

Have you learned all the craft tricks that you needed to from Craftsy? Then what is the use of still paying for the subscription? We think that you also want to cancel your Craftsy membership but are unable to find the right way to do so and get your refund too. If that is so, we are here to assist you with it. 

With your subscription to Craftsy, you can bring your creativity to another level by watching hundreds of videos that show a lot of tricks and techniques to enhance your skills. Not just this, the members can also have unlimited access to their experts at the price of $89.99. 

To cancel your Craftsy membership, you can go to your respective application store and open the Subscriptions section where you will find your active Craftsy subscription, select it and click on the Cancel option to terminate the membership. 

Well, it is not as simple as it seems because the procedure might not be the same for all users, so, it is necessary that you continue reading this article for clarity. 

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How To Cancel Craftsy Membership?

The process of cancelation for your Craftsy membership will entirely depend upon the device you have signed up for it on. But don’t worry, as we are going to discuss all the important methods in detail right here with you so that you can go ahead with the procedure that suits the device you are using. 

How To Cancel Craftsy Membership On Android?

If you have registered on Craftsy through your Android device then here are the steps that will help you get rid of the membership, so check them out. 

1. Open the Google Play Store application on your Android device. 

2. Make sure that you are signed in from the same account that is linked to your Craftsy subscription.

3. Tap on your profile icon at the top right of the screen to display the menu.

4. In this menu, select the “Payments and Subscriptions” option.

5. Tap on the “Subscriptions” option to display a list of all your current subscriptions. 

6. Search for your Craftsy subscription and tap on it.

7. Now, select the Cancel option for the same and follow up as directed. 

How To Cancel Craftsy Membership On iPhone Or iPad?

If you are using an iOS device like an iPhone or an iPad and subscribed to the Craftsy membership via your App Store, then here are the steps that you can follow for successfully canceling it. 

1. Open the Settings app on your iOS device.

2. Make sure that the Apple ID you are logged in from is the same one that is linked to your Craftsy subscription.

3. Tap on your Apple ID at the top of the screen.

4. Select “Subscriptions” to display a list of all your current subscriptions.

5. Now, look for your Craftsy Subscription and select it.

6. You will see the Cancel Subscription option, select it, and do as directed to complete the process.

How To Cancel Craftsy Membership On Mac?

If you have taken your Craftsy membership on a Mac computer, then go through the steps given right below for canceling the same.  

1. On your Mac, open the Mac App Store.

2. Make sure that you are signed in from the correct account.

3. Click on Craftsy.

4. Now, click on the “View Info” option on the screen.

5. On the info page, select “Subscriptions”.

6. Here you will see your active Craftsy subscription, select the “Manage” option from the screen.

7. Next, you have to click on the Cancel option and verify whether the subscription has been canceled successfully. 

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How Do I Get A Refund From Craftsy?

In order to get a refund from Crafts, you should first make sure whether or not you are eligible for the same. Well, as per the cancelation and refund policy of Craftsy, the members are eligible for a refund if they cancel their annual membership within the first 30 days of registration. 

So, if you believe that you have not crossed the eligibility period for a refund, then you will receive your full refund within a few days of the successful cancelation of your subscription. If not, then you can simply contact the customer service of Craftsy via phone call or email. 

How Do I Contact Craftsy?

There are two ways in which you can contact the customer support of Craftsy, one is over the phone, and the other is via email. 

If you wish to contact Craftsy by phone, then you have to dial the official customer support number of Craftsy which is 1-888-891-7203 and you will be connected to a customer service representative to talk to, you can discuss whichever matter you wish to regard your subscription to Craftsy and they will assist you with the same. 

Remember that the customer service calling a number of Craftsy is active only from 8 am to 4:30 pm (Central Time) on weekdays (Monday To Friday) and from 8 am to 12 pm on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) so only call within these times slots. 

Alternatively, you can also email the official customer support email address of Craftsy which is [email protected] with the subject mentioning the matter you want to address and you will soon receive a suitable response to your email. 

Wrapping Up

With this, we are towards the end of this article on the cancelation of your Craftsy subscription. We hope that you have successfully terminated the membership within the first 30 days of registration and were able to get your refund as well. 

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