How To Cancel Adore Me Subscription? Via Phone Call And Website!

Cancel Adore Me Subscription

If the lingerie you are purchasing from Adore Me is not as comfortable and satisfactory as you wanted it to be, then you should not go for it just because they have their subscription service for discounts and sales. So, if you have taken up their plan, your should cancel your Adore Me subscription and shop for your lingerie from some other better store. 

The New York, U.S.-based lingerie company Adore Me is exclusively for women and if you purchase their VIP membership, then you will be able to have access to a lot of discounts and other benefits such as exclusive sales. So, for women who shop a lot of lingerie, this is a good platform and is best used with a subscription. 

To cancel your Adore Me subscription, you need to either call on their customer service number and ask the agent to cancel your subscription or, you can also simply visit the Adore Me website on your browser and go to your Account Settings. You will see the Cancel Subscription option; select it and your membership shall be terminated. 

To know both methods in detail for canceling your subscription to Adore Me, you should continue reading this article, and there is further information available that you might want to check out. 

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How To Cancel Adore Me Membership? 

There are two major ways in which your subscription to Adore Me can be canceled. We think that you should be aware of both methods and that is why you will find them both discussed right below, so check them out and go with the one you find more convenient.  

How To Cancel Adore Me Subscription On Phone? Adore Me Customer Service

Adore Me provides its users with their phone call customer service, where you can discuss whichever matter or query you have regarding your subscription. 

For this, you will just need to dial the number +1 (800) 433 2367 on your phone and you will soon be connected to a customer support representative to talk to. You can tell them that you no longer need to continue your subscription to Adore Me. 

The agent will probably ask for the reason behind your decision, so be ready with a convincing one. 

Then, provide them with all your necessary personal details for identity verification along with your Adore Me account and subscription details so that they can process the cancelation of your subscription. 

Make sure that you ask the representative to provide you with a confirmation message as soon as the subscription is terminated so that you can have proof for later in case any trouble occurs. 

How To Cancel Adore Me Subscription On Website?

Suppose you do not prefer calling the customer service number of Adore Me and talking to their agent. In that case, there is another method through which you can manually cancel your subscription without the involvement of any customer support representative, and here are the steps for the same. 

  • Open any web browser on your device and head to the official website of Adore Me. 
  • Sign in to your Adore Me account by entering the right credentials. 
  • Go to the Account Settings option of your account.
  • Here, you will see the “Cancel Your Subscription” option; select it. 
  • Now, click the Yes button to confirm your decision and your subscription will be canceled. 

How To Cancel Adore Me VIP Order?

Is there an order that you placed on Adore Me but soon realized that you would rather order something else? Then, no issue; as long as you realize this in time, you can cancel your order from Adore Me. You find the cancelation option for your Adore Me order within 30 minutes of the moment when you purchased the item. 

You can go to your “My Account” dashboard, where you will find your placed order that you can easily cancel. 

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Can You Pause Your Adore Me Subscription?

Yes, Adore Me allows its users to skip a month while their subscription goes on. So, if you have a subscription to Adore Me and do not want to continue it for the next month only, then you should skip the month and make sure that you do this between the 1st and the 5th date of that particular month. 

If you do not skip your month in time, then you will be charged $39.95 which will be converted into your Store Credit that you can later use in shopping or request a refund for the same. 

Wrapping Up

With this, we are concluding our article on how you can cancel your subscription to Adore Me and even regarding how you can just pause your subscription for a particular month. We hope that you are not able to get much better lingerie from some other store and have got better discounts and offers as well. 

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