How To Cancel The Gym Group Membership? 2 Simple Ways!

the gym group cancel membership

The Gym Group can be beneficial to some people, but it is not suitable for everyone. Perhaps you are relocating to an area where there is no Gym Group center, then in that case you should consider canceling your membership. 

The Gym Group is a 24-hour fitness club chain with locations throughout the United Kingdom. Fortunately, the Gym Group works on a no-contract system, which means you have to pay for a month at a single time, and as per your wish, you can cancel it at any time. Not only monthly, but even annual memberships are also available. So, if you are on the way to canceling your membership, then we will surely love to help you with this.

The Gym Group cancel membership depends upon the mode of payment, by which you have to pay while buying its subscription. To find out how its canceling membership works with its payment modes, read out the full article up to the end. 

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Can You Cancel Your Gym Group Membership?

Yes, you can cancel all your memberships with Gym Group before your next billing date. Payments may be taken with less than 4 days’ notice, but will not be refunded to you. But, you can restore for the time you have paid by calling the Gym Group customer service on 0300 303 4800. After cancelation, you can join the gym again by giving the Gym Group re-join fee.

How Does The Gym Group Cancel Membership Works?

Well!! It’s very easy to cancel your Gym Group membership. Its cancelation procedure is not that much complicated because it is simply determined by how you pay. Didn’t understand well? Let’s read the article for clarification on how to cancel its membership. 

To purchase the Gym Group Membership, you have two methods of payment which are:

  • Direct Debit 
  • Recurring Card Payment 

Cancelling Membership Via Direct Debit

If you pay by Direct Debit card, then simply canceling your direct debit card with the bank will automatically lead to your Gym Group membership cancelation. However, if you want to return your membership, then you will be required to pay the new membership fee. If you want to use the membership benefits till the end of your current month, then you have to inform their team, otherwise, they will automatically remove your access for membership. 

Canceling Membership Via Recurring Card Payment

If you pay by Recurring Card Payment, then for your membership cancelation, you need to send their team an email at [email protected] and submit your cancelation request. You will need to specially include that your payment mode is recurring card payment in the email subject line to avoid delays in your cancelation process. 

How To Cancel The Gym Group Membership During The 14-Day Cooling Off Period?

Like other services, the Gym Group services also come under the law of a 14-day cooling-off period, and cancelation during the cooling-off period is not a difficult task. You just need to send them an email at [email protected] or contact them via the Member area, or by using the contact form. It is recommended to keep the proof such as sent email or email screenshot with them. 

Can You Get A Refund For Gym Group Membership?

You will get your refund from Gym Group if you cancel your membership before the date otherwise it will not be refunded to you. The Gym Group does not provide refunds for unused memberships. 

Can You Freeze Your Gym Group Membership?

Yes, the Gym Group provides membership freezes for people who are taking a long vacation or recovering from an injury. This is especially for those people who do not want to cancel their membership permanently but want to pause it for some time. After freezing your membership, you can reactivate it at any time without paying any extra money. 

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How To Freeze Your Gym Group Membership?

You can easily freeze or pause your Gym Group Membership through Member Area

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Gym Group Charge Any Cancelation Fee?

Many gym services or membership charges you some amount of fee for canceling your membership with them. But, fortunately, it’s not the same for the Gym Group. Gym Group does not charge any kind of cancelation fee from you. In short, you can cancel your Gym Group subscription at any time without worrying about paying any fees to them. 

Does The Gym Group Offer A Free Trial?

Well!! Yes, there is most gym that offers some kind of free passes for their new customers. Before joining any Gym Group, you can try its service free for some days. 

How Do You Call The Gym Group?

If you have any issue related to your membership, then you can contact the gym group by making a call at 0300 303 4800

What Is The Gym Group Contact Email?

Members can ask their related queries to The Gym Group by contacting them via email. You can write down your query and send the email to [email protected].


It’s totally acceptable to be concerned about their fitness, most people are taking gym memberships and using them properly. But, it’s also a fact, that sometimes such a time comes that there is a need to cancel your gym membership due to any reason. Then, do not worry in that case, there are many options or ways to cancel your Gym Group membership. You just need to have proper knowledge about that and you easily end up canceling your subscription.

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