How To Cancel Sun Tan City Membership?

how to cancel sun tan city membership

Several artificial tanning options are available these days, and people go to these clubs to get the perfect tanned body. If you too purchased a membership of Sun Tan City for that experience but now no longer wish to continue being a member then don’t worry, we will provide you easy cancellation steps to end your Sun Tan City membership. 

Sun Tan City salons offer to provide you with the tanned glow you require and have memberships and packages for that. These tan packages come with customizable options and you can choose your preferences and your tanning frequency. 

You can easily cancel your Sun Tan City membership online by visiting your account page on the official website. The members can also use their Live Chat feature to interact with their help department. There is another option to fill out a form and send an email to the representatives.

How Do I Cancel My Sun Tan City Membership? 

If you are planning to terminate your salon membership in Sun Tan City then you can do that online or by contacting their support department. 

Cancel Sun Tan City Membership Online

1. Visit the official website of Sun Tan City and provide your credentials to sign in to your account. 

2. Now navigate to the My Account section and go to Manage Your Account

3. There you will see your membership plans for Sun Tan City, select the membership and click on the Cancel button there. 

4. Confirm your cancellation procedure and do ensure that you end your membership before the end of the month to prevent being charged for the next month. 

Cancel Sun Tan City Membership With Customer Service

1. If you are unable to cancel your Sun Tan Membership online then you can get in touch with their Customer Service department. 

2. Visit the Sun Tan City Contact Page and hit the Chat With Us section below. 

3. This will open a Chat section and you can write down your query regarding membership cancellation. 

4. Follow the steps as prompted by them and you will be able to cancel your Sun Tan City membership. 

Cancel Sun Tan City Membership In Person

1. The members can also visit their nearby location of Sun Tan City to cancel their membership. 

2. Visit your local salon and go to the representative there. 

3. Tell them that you wish to cancel your Sun Tan City membership and provide them with your membership details. 

4. They will help you with cancellation and you must ask them for a cancellation confirmation message. 

Can I Freeze My Sun Tan City Membership?

If you need a break from your tanning procedure and wish to keep your membership on hold then the option is of course available for you. The members are allowed to freeze their Sun Tan City membership online from the website or their application. Go to the official website of Sun Tan City and sign in to your account. If you are using the Sun Tan City app then just log in to your account by adding your credentials. Navigate to the account section on the screen page and there you will see the option to freeze your membership. 

You can freeze your account whenever you want and you will be charged a $5 fee to freeze your account. When your pause period is over, you can go to the account section again and will be able to unfreeze your membership. You will be required to pay the fee for that month and the fee that was charged for your membership freeze would be credited back to your Sun Tan City account

Sun Tan City Cancel Membership- FAQs

Can I Use My Sun Tan City Membership At Other Sun Tan City Locations?

Yes, if you possess a Sun Tan City membership then you can of course use this membership at other locations. Whether you are moving to a new place or are on vacation, whatever your reason is, you can use your membership benefits at all other locations. However, not all of the Sun Tan City locations possess a complete range of products and other stuff so you can go through your requirements and find salons from the official website. 

How Can I Contact Sun Tan City Customer Service?

If you are facing some problems with their services or have queries related to your membership then you can contact their Customer Support department for help. You can Chat with their representatives online via their Live Chat feature by visiting the official website. Members can also send an email to Sun Tan City by visiting their contact page. They can fill out a form by selecting the purpose of their query in the subject box and then adding the required details. Submit the form when you are done and they will contact you accordingly.

Wrap Up

Sun Tan City can be a good option for those who wish to get tanned skin and are looking for salons that provide the services. But if you are already a member of Sun Tan City and now don’t wish to continue with the membership then you must follow the detailed membership cancellation steps discussed above. You can also pause or freeze your membership if you only need a break by going through the above-mentioned steps. For more of your related queries, you can contact the Sun Tan City Customer Support Department. You can also cancel your Palm Tan Beach and Zoom Tan membership if you are a member of those clubs.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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