How To Cancel Palm Beach Tan Membership?

Cancel Palm Beach Tan Membership

Palm Beach Tan is an excellent choice for those who love to have tanned skinned (or at least looking tanned). However, you may want to avoid being tanned throughout your lifetime, thus, at a certain point in time, you will be needed to cancel your Palm Beach Tan membership if you don’t exactly know how we are here to help. 

Palm Beach Tan (PBT) has over 550 tanning salons where you can get yourself tanned with the help of their exclusive premier spray tanning. You probably have tried it already, and were so excited that you purchased its membership and now want to end it, right?

To cancel your Palm Beach Tan membership, you can either contact their customer services and ask the assigned representative to cancel your membership, or you can visit your salon in person and request the cancelation of your subscription. There is also another option for this process which is online. 

If you want to know all the methods that can be used to cancel your Palm Beach Tan membership, then you should definitely continue reading this article. 

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How Do I Cancel Membership At Palm Beach Tan?

Currently, there are three methods available for the Palm Beach Tan members to cancel their respective memberships. We would like to explain them all to you so that you can choose whichever you prefer the most.

Cancel Palm Beach Tan Membership Over the Phone

If you just simply want to cancel your Palm Beach Tan over the phone, then this is definitely possible. Just get the contact number of Palm Beach Tan as per your location and call them. You might have to wait out the phone queue and once you are connected to a representative, you can request the cancelation of your membership. 

You will be asked to provide your customer details after which you will receive an email mentioning the confirmation that your membership has been successfully terminated. 

Cancel Palm Beach Tan Membership In Person

If you live nearby the Palm Beach Tan salon that you are a member of, then it would be great if you visit the salon in person and request them for getting your membership be terminated. Make sure that you bring your customer card along when you visit the salon.

You will ultimately receive either a hand-written confirmation or an email mentioning the confirmation that your membership has been canceled.

Cancel Palm Beach Tan Membership Online

Most people prefer the online method for most of their tasks, and canceling subscriptions is one of them. So, you might also like the same option. Well, here is what needs to be done in this case. 

You will be required to fill out the online inquiry form of Palm Beach Tan through which you will be able to request for cancelation of your membership to their services. 

However, the only drawback, in this case, is that there is no fixed time in which your request will be approved and responded to. So, even though this method is much more convenient, you should still go for the other ones so that you may not have to wait for days to know that you have also been charged for the next billing period and your request still isn’t approved.  

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Can You Get a Refund On Canceling Palm Beach Tan?

Yes, you can get a refund if you cancel your Palm Beach Tan, but only in a certain condition. If it has not been more than 30 days since you signed up for the Palm Beach Tan service, then you are surely eligible for the 30-day money-back guarantee of PBT, so, if you apply, the amount will most probably be refunded to your account within about 15 business days of cancelation. 

Can You Tan At Palm Beach Tan Without A Membership?

Yes, you can, but it will cost you a little more. For instance, the VersaPro service for a Palm Beach Tan is $40, but for a non-member, it will be $45. 


Do Palm Beach Tan Dollars Expire?

Yes, your Tan Dollars on Palm Beach Tan do have an expiration. They will be expired exactly one year after reactivation or cancelation. So, make sure that you use them all. Also, remember that Tan Dollars cannot be refunded and you can also not apply them to any monthly drafts. 

How Long Does A Palm Beach Tan Last?

Though there is no fixed duration to which a Palm Beach Tan lasts as it depends on the skin and your care, If you take proper care of your skin then the tan will most probably last about 7 days. 

What Is The Membership Fee Of Palm Beach Tan?

The startup fee for a Palm Beach Tan membership is $25, after which, the members are required to pay only $14.95 a month. With Stay and Save, you will also get Tan Dollars which can be used on products and packages, so it compensates a lot. 

Wrap Up

We hope that this article would be helpful and you will easily be able to cancel your membership from Palm Beach Tan. If there is, by any chance, any other subscription or membership you no longer need, let us know in the comments so that we can assist you with the right procedure. 

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