How To Cancel Zoom Tan Membership?

Cancel Zoom Tan Membership

If you are already a part of Zoom Tan Salon and have second thoughts about continuing, we can help you cancel your Zoom Tan Membership. 

Zoom Tan Salons are emerging as the fastest-growing options for people who want to use other means to get tanned skin. You can choose from the available membership options. However, there still can be many reasons that you no longer want to continue your membership.

It is easy to cancel your Zoom Tan membership online where you will be required to go to the official website of Zoom Tan and visit the My Account section to cancel your Zoom Tan Membership. Just provide the required information about your account and you are done. 

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Zoom Tan Membership Plans And Prices

Zoom Tan is a UV and Spray tanning Salon Chain and is one of the fastest growing in America. You can go through the tanning membership plans they provide and select your favorite. 

Zoom Tan provides three membership plans for their clients and they can select the one that fits best. There are monthly and annual membership options and benefits accordingly. 

Membership PlansMonthly PriceAnnual Price
UV Membership(Sun Membership)$35/month$350
Spray Membership(Sunless Membership)$45/month$450
Combo Membership (All In One Membership)$55/month$550

The UV Membership, also known as the Sun Membership provides more hygienic tanning booths than the lay-down beds. The UVA and UVB are more natural and safer as they say. The Booths are prepared as per your comfort. You can get these benefits by paying $35 per month or purchasing the annual membership at $350

The Spray Membership or the Sunless Membership provides you with comfortable tanning booths and with this spray tanning you can get 3 to 5 times instant or overnight tans.

You can get long-lasting results with their color-lengthening moisturizers. You will stay dry and warm during their spray session. All this is made available for you at a monthly price of $45 or an annual membership of $450

The Combo or All In One membership can provide you with all sunless and sun tan privileges. The Double-dipping feature maximizes your tanning results. These all-in-one benefits can be purchased at a monthly membership of $55 or you can pay yearly for $550

Is Zoom Tan Membership Worth It?

Zoom Tan offers skin tanning services at reasonable rates but there still can be several reasons to cancel your membership and end your term.

Some clients may feel that the price they pay for the membership and the services they are receiving is not worth it. Many people are also not satisfied with other additional accessories they need to pay for. 

The clients will still be required to purchase extra, required items like towels, lotions, and goggles as they are not included in your membership plan charges. These extra charges can also be a reason for many membership cancellation requests and of course, there can be numerous other personal reasons to terminate your membership.

Also, those who require tanned skin and are willing to pay extra charges for other accessories will definitely feel the Membership to be worth it but those who do not want to pay more or are not a huge fan of tanned skin might cancel their membership.

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How Can You Cancel Your Zoom Tan Membership Online?

The members can easily cancel their Zoom Tan Membership online by visiting their site.

1. From your default browser, open the official website of Zoom Tan

2. Select the My Account option at the top of your screen. 

3. From the options available, select Cancel Membership

4. You will have to provide the accurate account details they might require to cancel your membership. 

5. Hit the Cancellation Request option and confirm the procedure. 

How Can I Get In Touch With Zoom Tan Customer Service?

If you have other queries or issues related to your membership or you are unable to cancel your Zoom Tan membership then you can contact Zoom Tan Customer Service and let them know about your problem.

You can get in touch with the Zoom Tan representatives by sending them an email at [email protected].

You can also talk to the representative on the phone by dialing (877) 9666-826. You can tell them about the problems you are facing and they will surely help you by providing the correct solutions. 

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Wrap Up

Well, we don’t really want you to end up like Ross so you better go through all the membership plans and their services before joining the tanning salon.

Also if you are already a member and wish to terminate your membership due to any reason then you can follow the membership cancellation steps discussed above. You can also contact Customer Support for your other membership queries.

Cancelling your subscriptions and memberships will become hassle free with easy to digest "How-to" articles by Rachel.

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